Inserting data into table

We have a table in a database that maintains a list of orders.

Each order has a position in a queue.

Order position               order name

1                                   g
2                                   s
3                                   f
4                                   x
5                                   a

New orders may ‘come in’ and have to be inserted between two
excisting orders.


A new order named P with a position 3 comes in.

The current order in position 3 named f  will be pushed down to
position 4 and the existing order in position 4 will be pushed to
position 5 and so on.

So the table ends up looking like this:

Order position               order name

1                               g
2                               s
3                               P
4                               f
5                               x
6                               a

The problem is how do I renumber (increment) the OrderPosition of
existing orders  as new Orders are entered ‘above’

I am using VB DAO to connect to an ACESS database.
I don’t want to write code to go and renumber the Order Positions.
Is they a way to insert a record between two records?

Any help greatly appreciated.

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This will update everything after you new position by one

update table set position = position +1 where position > newpostion

now add your new record

insert into table (position,name) values (newposition,newname)
Why don't you use decimals for the inserts. You will have an infinite supply of insert positions without changing the original order. So the new insert before 3 could be 2.5
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