VPN through a Cisco 761

Am trying to VPN to a remote computer (whose VPN configuration is known to work from other PC's).

However whenever I try to connect, it goes through the "verifying password" stage, then comes up with the message

*Error 721: The remote computer did not respond. For *furthur assistance....

Would this be down to the Cisco router? If so, is there a solution? Unblocking a certain port.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Chris Jones
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scraig84Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Depends on whether or not you are blocking ports at that level.  Routers do not block much of anything by default.  If you are blocking everything but what's allowed in an access list, then there is a good chance that list needs to be modified to allow the VPN to happen.
Is the Cisco router on your end?
You need to make sure that TCP port 1723 and gre are allowed in and out (assuming that you are using MSoft PPTP VPN client)
If you are trying to use an IPSEC client, then there are other considerations..
JonsieAuthor Commented:
Are you familiar with the commands for blocking and unblocking ports on the Cisco 761? I do not have much experience with this router.
JonsieAuthor Commented:
Would somebody tell me the commands needed to block unblock these ports. Am at a wits end, all the information about the router that I have searched for has not been of any use and the cisco website does not seem of much use either.

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