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I am developing a wordprocessor-like project in VB 6.0 for my curriculum. A RichTextbox is provided for typing. I need to include print preview in that project. Can anybody send me a sample program for print preview and also to print the selected page(s)?
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kkramkiAuthor Commented:
Thanks Mr. Narayanan. I have just downloaded the code from the site you have suggested. I will try this and send my comments later. Also as my system gone for service please allow me to take some days for reply.
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kkramkiAuthor Commented:
I have checked the code. I have got the idea for preview. However, it doesn't contain how to print the specific range of pages given
kkramkiAuthor Commented:
Dear friends,

I have finished my project. I don't need further comments in this regard. Thank you all.

Hi kkramki,
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