Windows 2000 upgrade

I'am upgrading a Windows 98 machine to a Windows 2000, using a Windows 2000 upgrade CD. Right now the drive is a Fat32, when I start the upgrade it asks if I would like to upgrade the disks to NTFS. I would like to but will that erase all the data on the drive? I did this upgrade on other machines but just kept them Fat32. But this one I would like to upgrade to NTFS but I'm afraid it destory all the data on the machine. Will that happen or not?

Thanks for all help.
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EricWestboConnect With a Mentor Commented:
worry not, upgrading to NTFS will not erase the data.  same procedure as upgrading from FAT to FAT32.

Proceed with confidence!


You say you upgraded other machines?? Are they networked to this one??
jsimmersAuthor Commented:
They were at the time but have since be replaced.
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sorgie... upgraded to Win2K but left FAT32 intact
Eric  your point is???
I would backup us much of your current system as possible. I have seen coversions during an upgrade go bad causing complete loss of data on the disk. It is unlikely to happen but it is better safe then sorry. :>)

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jsimmersAuthor Commented:
Thanks for everyones help.
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