Office XP Unable to compose new msg and send thru dial up networking

Person is on laptop using ATT VPN with outlook on office XP.  Can reply to recieved messages but can not create new and then send.  Can you help?

An error Message that says...."no account set up, contact your administrator"  But his account is set up.  Obviously because he's recieving mail.
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bluezoo7Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If your user goes through a firewall, make sure that the Outlook client option "My SMTP server requires authentication" is checked.

This is found under Tools > Services (or Accounts) > (his mail account) Properties > Servers tab.
What happens when they try to create a new message and then send?
What is the Exact error received when trying to compose/send the email?
mhfincAuthor Commented:
It is written above
Go to Tools, Email Accounts, View or Change Existing Email Accounts and see what account is set as the default (it will have the word default in ()'s).
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