Network Adapters in Windows 2000

I have a Compaq Presario 1247 notebook computer that I upgraded to Windows 2000 (I formatted the drive and installed Windows 2000) Everything seems to be OK except that my network card is not being recognized.  In fact when I go to device manager there is not a listing for "network adpaters" - Can anyone suggest how I might get the "network adapters" installed on the notebook?  Thanks for your help!
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Best bet is to go to the vendor's site (Intel, 3com etc) and download the 2000 drivers for this card.  W2k loads drivers for most NIC cards but not all.  Shut down laptop.
Remove card.  Install new drivers.  Shut down laptop, install card, reboot.  Windows should find card and ask for drivers.  Click on display known drivers and choose your card.
I would start with getting all the updates from the compaq site first, including any ROMpaqs and newer drivers.

I hope this helps !
If you are going to go to Compaq's site, give a call to their tech support first.  I found that Compaq lists several versions of Rompaqs etc and it can be confusing.  If you are on their download site and talking to support, give them your s/n and they'll tell you the exact files you should be downloading.  
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Your laptop is considered a classic at Compaq - you would have had to order a network card since it did not come with the standard offerings.

You will note that they only have drivers for w98 @ compaq:

So what you need to do is post make/model of your network card here.
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mmj1Author Commented:
The network card I am using is a Linksys EtherFast 10/100 Integrated PC card.  But when I spoke to the Linksys help desk they said that the problem is it appears that my laptop is not recognizing my pc card slot since the "network adapter" is not listed in the device manager.  I did search the Compaq website but all of the drivers listed there are for Windows 98.  I may have to install Windows 98 back on this laptop.  I hope not.
First go here and download the zip or exe for your specific card:
(Also download the 2000 driver instructions)

Do you have pcmcia services etc. loaded, I am assuming this is an pcmcia.
This driver (for pcmcia services) may have to come from the compaq site.
mmj1Author Commented:
Unfortunately, it appears that this notebook is not compatible with windows 2000 - I will have to format the drive and install Windows 98 again.  Can someone tell me how to format the drive in Windows 2000 and then install Windows 98 again?  Thanks
You need to close this question and post your formatting question.
Do you have a windows 98 bootdisk?  If not go to

Create the boot disk from the exe.

Next reboot your computer with the bootdisk and once at a dos prompt type

Look over your partition (s) and make sure that is what you want or fdisk to get what you want by deleting out the old partitions and creating new.

In fdisk you press the escape key to get to the ctrl-alt-del screen to save changes made -

then reboot to bootdisk (have w98 cd in drive)
at the prompt type:
(which will load smart drive for faster file copy)
then type:
format c:

after C:\ is formatted
go to cd-drive (should have loaded the drivers from the boot disk)

Just type the drive letter at the prompt:

I am not sure what drive bootdisk com uses in their batch file - it might even be drive x for the cd-rom drive.
anyway try drive d, e, f   x

then type  
and just follow the instructions.

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mmj1Author Commented:
Thank you to everyone for you help - I will try to re-install 98 following the steps you have given.  Thanks again.
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