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In our datacenter we have approximatley 100 servers.  We plan to implement dual NIC connections for each server (teaming) back to the switch/router (Enterasys Networks). We are considering putting each server in it's own subnet, in the event a NIC goes bad and starts a broadcast storm and for performance.  Is there any reason we should not try this approach? Does anyone have this in place today?
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I would think that putting each server in its own subnet will waste a lot of CPU on the router, not to mention IP addreses. Cisco switches have the ability to suppress broadcast storms at a port level for exactly this situation. Does Enterasys support this feature?

It goes back to the adage, "switch where you can, route where you must". Make normal sized subnets /24,etc and let the switch protect you from faulty NICS.
I agree with jgarr. Putting a router in front of every server (virtually, not physically) defeats the purpose of putting them on a switch. Unless the switch has a layer3 capability on the backplane to act as the router. You might get better performance using Gigabit NIC's on your servers or fault-tolerant nic teaming. MSoft servers can load-balance over them quit nicely now.

A broadcast storm from a bad nick is a very rare occurance, and a good switch will suppress them.
From your post, I gathered that you already have a router virtually in front of the servers.  I could be wrong, but I will base my comments on that assumption.  I disagree with jgarr's comments about CPU load to the extent that unless you have a very overwhelmed router already, 99 extra routes isn't going to affect it that much.  If you have a good IP scheme going already, IP addresses should be in very good supply and the "waste" should be relatively minimal.  

I will say though, that adding this much addressing for a single server farm is a major administrative overhead of managing those addresses - especially since servers are manually addressed.  I also agree with lrmoore's statement that broadcast storms are rare, so it seems like a lot of work for little gain.  At my full-time job, we have over 100 servers in a single subnet, and broadcast storms have not proven to be an issue.  Jgarr was also correct that a good switch will suppress problems here anyway.
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This is only speculation since I don't know your network, however nic teaming leads to one of two things, redundancy or increasing bandwidth. If you need fault tolerance because your susceptible to down time then this is a good thing. Before you do it for bandwidth reasons, look at your servers first and analyze their network performance. In most cases the network is not the bottleneck, the server itself is. Before I would put any machine on it's own subnet I would see what gain I would get from doing it. First of all you will have the administrative overhead of reconfiguring each machine. Next, you will need to configure a router to be able to route all subnets, more administrative overhead. I see no gain from this at present. I would look more closely at server usage and see if there are any problems with network performance on individual machines and also do a network study to see if you are coming close to any network limitations within your datacenter.
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