Stand alone hardware flash player

Any ideas on where I could find a stand alone touchscreen based hardware flash player.  Screen should be 8" diagonal, and it should run on an embeded system.  We prefer Linux, but CE would be all right.

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what like a PDA?
as far as I know you can download a version of the flash player from for handhelds
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from ...

San Francisco, California – November 1, 2001 – Macromedia, Inc. (NASDAQ: MACR) and Siemens today announced their partnership to bring Macromedia Flash Player support to the Microsoft Windows CE-based Siemens SIMpad. The SIMpad is a mobile information and communication terminal designed for industrial use, with the easy-to-use touch screen and virtual keyboard which offers Internet browsing at any time without a wired connection.

You could use the above SIMpad from Siemens...

I would recommend using a hardware brand the has partnered with Macromedia, because the will obviously be compatible and be very knowledgable when it comes to customer support

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Make sure you carefully check into the compatability of the hardware, with the Flash Player...

two questions answered for the price of one...

your welcome for the "piggy back ride"

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