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How can I change computer name.

I recently installed Windows 2000.  I gave it the wrong
computer name by mistake.  I already have another computer
by that name on my LAN.  How do I change the computer name
to its proper value.

If I use regedit.exe to edit the name everywhere it appears
in the registry, will that do it?  Or are there encrypted
copies of the name somewhere that will cause a conflict?

Is there a utility program for changing the computer name?

I hate to have to run Setup-Repair, and go through the setup
process again.  But if that is necessary, give me the bad new.

A second and less-important question.  Windows 2000 or Internet
Explorer has saved a password for me at a login website.  (I must
have clicked yes on a dialog box without reading it and should
have clicked no.)  I consider easy-access to the password to be
a security risk and would like to delete the password from the
computer.  How to do this deletion?
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1 Solution
Did you try right clicking "My Computer" and go to properties.  From there, go to network identification and click on the properties button.  Enter in a new computer neme.
take patch575's comment! Disconnect the computer from the network, start it up and login as local administrator, change it name and put it back to workgroup mode. Plug the computer into the network and re-join it into the domain.

By disconnect the computer from the network you could get  rid of computer name confliction error message, and help bootup faster. Having it on the nework wont harm but sometime you have to wait a long time before get the login dialog!

to disable password caching, locate and click the following key in the registry:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings

On the Edit menu, click Add Value , and then add the following registry value:

Value name: DisablePasswordCaching
Data type: REG_DWORD
Radix: Hexadecimal
Value data: 0x00000001

Another way to disable password/form caching in Internet Explorer, open the menu: Tools->Internet Options->Content-Auto Complete, untick unnecessary check boxes.

G. Tanuel
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1) Renaming the computer:
listen to hnminh

2) For clearing the password:

Open IE
Goto Tool,Internet Options,Content Tab,AutoComplete Button, Delete Passwords Button.

From there you can deactive the option or force IE to prompt you,...

Jim_SAuthor Commented:
patch575, hnminh, gete, and corvax

Thank you all.  I got the computer name changed, the
password caching turned off, and the password deleted.

BTW, just changing the computer name was not good enough. Many
references to the old computer name remained in the registry.
I had to hand patch several items from "//oldname..." to

Two more questions have come up.  I am hoping you can help
me before I close this question.

1.  An application (WinZip) has put itself on the top-level
right-click menu.  If I right click a file in the Windows
Explorer, I get two WinZip items on the top-level menu,
(not the "Send To" submenu).  This is a bad distraction.
How do I get this off the right-click menu?

2.  If I boot Win2000 with my extenal modem turned off, and later
turn it on, I cannot use it.  The dialup app says that the mode
is disconnected.  Win NT4 never did this to me.  Under NT4, I
could turn on my modem at any time and dialup would work.  Is
there any way to tell Windows 2000 to rescan the devices and
figure out that the modem is now on?

Thank you for any help you can give.

Jim_SAuthor Commented:
On Monday, May 6, I got two emails saying that Corvax
has posted comments.  But I see no new posting from
Corvax since May 3.  How can this happen?

(I deleted all offline content and then refreshed
the page.  Still nothing new from Corvax.)

Corvax, if you have a comment, please post it again,
as I have not received it.

The only comment i posted is there,  but for about a week i didn't get any info on the questions i commented on...  Got about 20 emails in one shot... Think it was a problem with EE...
To remove WinZip stuff from right click menu, open regedit go to HKEY_CLASS_ROOT\*\shellex, you will find WinZip key, remove it (export the key into file first if you might need to take it back later). You might have to totally log off so that the new setting applied. These step is only to remove WinZip from top of right-click menu but not to add it to "send to"...

I'm having the same problem with my non-PNP external modem, my solution was turn the modem on before turn on my computer. At boot time, when loading driver, W2K remove the device if it could not find and configure the modem, rescan hardware in Device Manager will take it back but that not what we want.
Jim_SAuthor Commented:

Removing "HKEY_CLASS_ROOT\*\shellex\WinZip" worked like a charm,
and I did not have to log off.

patch575, hnminh, gete, and corvax

Thank you all for helping.  I have given the points to hnminh,
for giving the most amount of help.  But you all have been
helpful and I thank you all.  Were it possible to divide the
points among all of you, I would do so.
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