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When I run my VB exe file on a computer without the Visual Basic Program installed, a message which says something like "file MSVBV60.DLL is missing" appears. How can i rectify this problem?

I would like my program to be able to run on computers that does not have VB installed.

THanks for the help!
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SAKConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try using the Package & Deployment Wizard to prepare an install set of files that can be used to install your application.
Do you mean the compiled version of your program when you say your vb executable, or do you mean you copied the exe that runs the visual basic ide ?

If thats the case you need to install vb to run vb. If you are wanting to run a compiled exe you need some files. Those are dependant on what references you used in the program, but there are also a minimum that you need for any vb app to run. The vb runtime dll's are some of those.  As SAK said you need to create an install package.

The VB EXE file requires the msvbv60.dll to run any program because it is the run-time library.  When you copy your exe file you need to copy this file as well, usually to the Windows\system directory.  You can do this manually or you can create a setup file using the Package and Deployment Wiz. like SAK suggested.  The P&D will look through your program and put all files that are required for your application to run, such as controls, in to a CAB file for distribution.  This is the best way to distribute an app.

Hope this info helps.
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kkclub23Author Commented:
Thanks for the explanation and suggestions!

The application I developed needs to be in the same folder as another application (a Flash SWF file to be exact), so I thought it would not be practical to convert my application into a setup file, because, when I start the program, the user needs to see both the VB application AND the flash swf file, instead of just the VB appication alone.

My initial idea of distribution was that the user can "drag and drop" the folder containing both the flash swf file and the VB application from the CD ROM onto his local computer and start using the VB application straight away, without the need to go through all the set up procedures....

Is there any way this could be done? like coding the necessary files into the VB progam such that when the program runs, the missing files is automatically installed onto the user's local computer?

THank you for your attention!  
I'm sure you could. You would have to trap for the erros generated, tell the program to find the file on the cd or whereever it was and copy them to the proper place and in the case of dll's etc, register them.   But, as mentioned, no vb app is going to run without MSVBV60.DLL .   You may as create a install program and put it on the cd.
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