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I'm pretty new with using Fireworks, so don't know my way around completely.
What I wanted to do was make some rain drops. So, I use the straight line tool to make a triangle with an open bottom. Then I use the circle tool to make the rounded bottom.
After that I wanted to erase the top part of the circle that I did not need. This is where it got tricky; nothing would erase. So, I went thru my help files and it said to convert to bitmap mode. So I did that and now the eraser tool change from a knife-like image to an actual eraser. Finally,I could erase some lines. Voila! I got me a rain drop.
Now to my question: I've tried highlighting my shape, making a box around it, all kinds of things and I just can not find away to copy it and paste it.
I don't want to go thru all the trouble of making each raindrop individually! What do I do?
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webwomanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Don't make lines. Make an entire shape. Basically, that's what you did when you joined the lines.

You can make a triangle (use the pen tool and click to create the points, click again on the first one to join them) and a circle that sits where you want it (ignore the extra lines), and THEN join those, that will work too.
Don't make it a bitmap. You want to COMBINE the shapes, so you can keep them vector. That way, you can change the shapes slightly, copy them, fill them with slightly different colors, etc.

Make your triangle and circle again, select both of them, then use MODIFY/COMBINE/UNION to make them one piece. It will still be a vector object, you can do whatever you want with it, and create as many as you need. And you can modify each one slightly (or not) much easier than if it's a bitmap.

The problem was making it a bitmap -- that just made the raindrop and the background one thing. You can't do much with that.
Whe you are in Fireworks you need to press the Esc kep on teh keyport to drop out of bitmap mode and then you can copy and paste that raindrop all over the place.

When you Esc out of bitmap mode you should get a box around the raindrop by default showing square boundaries.  You can then use cut and paste like any other object in Fireworks.

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sayhiAuthor Commented:

Tried your way-
Made my 'triangle' /\ and then my circle O and when I did the MODIFY/COMBINE/UNION the /\ parts disappeared and only the O was left. ?

Your answer worked but I'm leaning toward webwoman's way, since I do want to modifiy the raindrops a bit.
You can always double click on a raidrop later to change it's color or rub the eraser along it to adjust the shape.  And it keeps each raindrop as its own entitiy.  

Working with vectors is nice but can be harder to learn.  You are probably better making an elipse with the vector tool and then use the freeform tool to move individual points to make it look like a raindrop.  There is also a reshape tool that works along the lines of a vector to make the raindrop and swirls very easy.


P.S. That reshape tool is cascaded under the freeform tool it has a red cirlce instead of a red dot.
You had them both selected? Both complete shapes, not just lines? Same stroke, same fill?

Making one ellipse and reshaping it works too.
sayhiAuthor Commented:
well, I first made my raindrop like this:
made one line /
then made another line \
then put them together /\
and then drew a O circle under it
so when I did the union then the / \ lines disappeared but the circle stayed

But, when I tried this way:
made one line /
then the other \
and then instead of a circle, made a straight line _ under the /\
then i stretched the _ line to make it curvy
so when i did the union thing, the lines didn't disappear that time
sayhiAuthor Commented:
Wow, I always ignored that tool because I never knew how to use it lol

It's like I'm learning how to draw all over again.

Anyway, thanks for all the tips! They were all very helpful!

So, what I'm going to do is give webwoman the pts in this question and give emorrie some in a different one.

Thanks again for your help.
Thanks, glad it was helpful! It IS like learning to draw all over again, so don't get discouraged. ;-)
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