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I am trying to get my search working

this is the query i am using but it is coming up with an error

I am trying to select all from table jobs from row d where the match is the variable skills

$query2 = "SELECT * from jobs WHERE MATCH d AGAINST ('$skills')";
$result2 = mysql_query($query2,$connection) or die("Error in query matching");
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jpoesenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I hate it when that happens...

Ok, I was saying :

4. stupid, but you never know : has $skills been assigned a value?

5. The MySQL manual says : "The argument to AGAINST() must be a constant string" so maybe it'll work if you do this :

define ("SKILLSCONST", $skills);
To lokeshv : that may work, but then owarnes doesn't take advantage of the FULLTEXT INDEX, as was his intention, I think.

Good luck.
try this..

select * from jobs where d like '%$skills%' ;


1. to be able to search a FULLTEXT index, you have to specify the fulltext index(es) when creating the table, or later by ALTER TABLE. Have you done this?

2. You say :'...from row d ' -> is 'd' a valid *fieldname* in your MySQL table? And is it of type varchar or text?

3. try putting 'd' between braces :
SELECT * from jobs WHERE MATCH (d) AGAINST ('$skills')

4. stupid, but you never know : has $skills been assigned

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owarnesAuthor Commented:
lokeshv you answer works, but it is not quite what i wanted. I want to use match.

jpoesen i have specified the fulltext indexes, i have echoed out $skills so i know that is there. The row type is text not varchar
owarnesAuthor Commented:
now it looks like this and guess what it doesn't work!

define ("SKILLSCONST", $skills);

$query2 = "SELECT * from jobs WHERE MATCH (d) AGAINST (SKILLSCONST)";
$result2 = mysql_query($query2,$connection) or die("Error in query matching");
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