folder tree + dynamic data

I'm looking for some references about the Folder Tree,or Tree Level.
And the contents of the Tree level is a dynamic data,or i mean the data is pull from
the database.
Actually,i'm designing a shopping cart whereby this cart has multiple level.
The 1-st level is Product Catalog,2-nd level is Product Category and the 3-rd level is
Products Number.
So,i'd like to display the cart in a tree format.Where by all these records are pull from
the database.

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fritz_the_blankConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Me on this one?

Fritz the Blank
I think this might be more of an ASP question. I have yet to see any client-side JavaScript that connects to a database.

Fritz the Blank
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Fritz the Blank
I could not agree with you more, Fritz the Blank.  I have corrected this grade from a "C" to an "A".  I wanted to point out my original request to the Asker here, which was:
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