Autorunning a broswer from a CD

This is not strictly a programming question, but this is probalby the best topic for it...

in need to create a CD that has an HTML file on it and that opens the file automatically on the user's browser when the CD is inserted in the computer.

I have used autorun.inf files before to run EXEs, but now I need to open a specific file using a non-specific EXE.  i..e the EXE is on the computer, but I don't know where or even what it is called (might be IE might be netscape etc.)

I need this for windows 95 and later.  

Can this be done?

(note my current solution is to run an EXE on the browser that uses Shellexecute() to open the browser, but I'd like a more direct solution--if there is one.)
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An autorun.inf like

open=start mypage.htm

should do it...
nietodAuthor Commented:
When i tried that I got an error that says that start.exe is not found.
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Aaah, I remember that problem :o)

Too stupid of me, "start" is a shell builtin command - you could either use an application the just calls "ShellExecute()"  with eht 1st argument or try

nietodAuthor Commented:
open=mypage.htm is what I 1st tried and it didn't work.  It really requires an executable with that syntax.

I'll keep this open a little longer to see if anything else developes...
on win2k you can call shellexecute in the autorun file


as for earlier windoze versions you are stuck with writing a exe and starting that to load your page

Hi, if you still need the answer:
You can "run" your mypage.htm in next way:

File autorun.inf
OPEN=ShelExec mypage.htm

ShelExec.exe is Win application that executes mypage.htm
You can download it for example from:
The best way I have found to do this is simply utilizing the start command through dos.

For example in the autorun.inf put

then in start.bat simply run -
start site.htm

From experience this works on any os and runs virtually instantaneously, opening up the default browser - whatever it may be.

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