Debugging with InterDev and IIS 5.0

I run IIS 5 and Visual InterDev and it works fine, until I want to debug.
I get a messagebox stating it is not possible to automatically start the debug mode and if I still want to debug.
I choose yes and te app starts in IE, but i can't debug, maybe get to the line of code that isn't working sometimes, mostly through the errormessage in IE and the linenumber.
What am I doing wrong?
I tried to search MSDN, but couldn't find anything to my satisfaction.
Should I install Backoffice server?
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If you saw the inetinfo.exe process and attached it, but didn't see any docs in the "running documents" window. try one of those:
enter your iis, choos the folder you would like to debug, right click and select "properties", then click the button "configurations" (if you debug the "default web site", choose the tab "home directory" there you'll find the "configurations" button"). select the tab "App debugging" and check the check box:"Enable ASP server-side script debugging".
Now restatr your IIS, surf in some of your ASP pages, then re-attach the inetinfo.exe.

should do the trick...
Good Luck

If you want to denug the IIS that is on your local machine, you need to choose Debug->processes from the menu (Ctrl+Shift+R)
Then you have a window with the processes, you should choose the inetinfo.exe process and click attach.
Now you should have a new window called "Running Documents"
if you don't see it you can hold down the Ctrl+Alt+R.
Now in that window you see all the pages that were used in your IIS since the last restarting of it. you double click the page you want to debug, which then appear in your "Project explorer" list with an empty icon. Now put a break point where you want and then go to your browser and request that page.

putting a breakpoint in the asp file itself is useless.
Try it and let me know if it's working for you
Good Luck
HeN_da_MaNAuthor Commented:
Thanks Zvika,
I'm going to try in one hour, as soon as I get home from work.
Check in to see if your answer did the trick.
(It sounds allright)

Thanks a lot,

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I use breakpoints in asp files all the time.

First, you need to set up your machine as described here.;EN-US;q192011

Then, make your project be the startup project, and pick the page you want to be the start page.  Right-click on the project in the VID project explorer and set as startup project.  Then find the page you want to begin with, right-click and set as start page.  Open any of the asp pages and put in breakpoints as you want.

Press F5.  If everything is setup right you should get a login for the debug user, then your code will execute and run to a breakpoint.  When in break mode, use F10 and F11 to step over/into statements.
HeN_da_MaNAuthor Commented:
Zvika, your method did not work for me, the 'Running Document' part did not work.
Here I did not see any documents, just inetinfo.
Still I think this is the only way for me to go.
Can I do this trick any other way you know about?

Also thank you, dgorin for giving me the link.
The problem is I haven't got the second CD at the moment.
still I keep this in mind for the future.

I would like to share the points to both of you, I don't think this is possible, so I'll give it one more day.

HeN_da_MaNAuthor Commented:

Thanks a lot, I am now able to set breakpoints and/or step through my code.
I use VB a lot and I am used to this way of debugging.
So, I am very gratefull and increased the points to 75.

Thanks again,

You're welcome.
It's always a pleasure to share knowledge and help each other.
In the Experts Exchanged points thing makes it even more fun.
Thank you too
and Good Luck with debugging :)
You may have a corrupted DCOM database.  (I had the exact symptom you
describe and this is what the case was).  It seemed that a network install
of Windows 2000 Service Pack 3, either snafooed up the DCOM database, or
redid the DCOM default settings.

I followed the steps in Method 1 of the attached link and everything
worked perfectly! (After rebooting)

If you need anymore insight, please email.  I might be able to assist.

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