VB6 Datagrid - deleting and selecting rows

Posted on 2002-05-08
Last Modified: 2008-01-16
I am using a datagrid in my VB6 application. I am looking for code to actually delete a row or make it invisible, I dont want to delete the record from the database . All I can find is the before and after delete functions.
I am also wondering is there a way to capture when just a row /record is selected , not a column. When I select a row I want to get the ID of the record.
This is driving me nuts so any help would be appreciated.
Question by:Lisad

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I haven't got VB Environment here, some time ago I created an app with datagrids and ran into exactly the same problem.
the datagrid is only able to delete a row (record) visually (with mouseclick) NOT with code.
you must set the property Datagrid.AllowDelete=True .
Isn't there a property 'SelectedCel' or something, for the second part of your question.
Since I haven't got VB here I can't check myself.

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The datagrid really isn't up to this. You can actually delete a record in code but this isn't the point. As I read it you really just want to hide this row from being displayed. Unfortunately the datagrid doesn't do this. If you were to use a flexgrid for example you can set individual row heights and can therefore set it to zero to prevent the row from being displayed. Unfortunately again you cannot use in-cell editing in a flexgrid (though you can simulate this quite effectively). Overall the best option is to look for a commercial grid such as the VS Flexgrid from which has both the in-cell editing features of the datagrid and the flexibility of the flexgrid (the MS Flexgrid is actually a cut down version of this commercial one).
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Maybe add one field "RowIsVisible" to your table, or maybe to the recordset to which DataGrid is bound?

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    We ran into this problem and a bunch more concerning datagrids. For example, we wanted a row to expand vertically a la Multiline for Textboxes. We wanted some columns to be check boxes, others to be Comboboxes with automatic translation of codes to text. We wanted to be able to configure just specific cells with these capabilities, rather than whole columns. We wanted ... well, we wanted a lot.
     After looking very hard, we finally settled on ComponentOne's VSFlexGrid, an exceptionally powerful and sophisticated grid. We have yet to run into a problem it won't handle.
     For your specific problem, there are two VSFlexGrid solutions:
     (1) You can hide a row by setting the RowHidden property true. If you have, say, 7 rows of grid "fgr", and you want to delete the 4th row, you'd write:
          fgr.RowHidden(4) = True
     That would move rows 5-7 up one row visually. Row 4 would still be in the grid, but visually it's removed; that is to say, if you processed the grid rows sequentially, you'd still process the hidden row 4 as the 4th row of the grid. The only effect is what the user sees.
     (2) You can actually delete the 4th row in the abov e example by issuing this command:
     In this case, the grid row would be completely removed.
     In neither case is the underlying database changed in any way.
     VSFlexGrid costs about $300, but the whole ComponentOne suite of controls only costs about $400, so that's what we bought. We've been using it about six months now.
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