Adding a NIC to current Checkpoint Firewall-1?


Looking for the correct way to add another NIC to my current Checkpoint Firewall-1 v4.1 SP4 NT4.0 SP5 system.  I have reviewed looking for a solution or help and cannot find one so I'm asking here.  I want to add a DMZ to my current firewall configuration, each time I add the new NIC and configure the rules and ensure that the the firewall object has all the interfaces, the firewall ceases to seem to work (i.e. forwarding of packets).  What is the correct way to install the new NIC and get it to function?  Should I backup the config files, install the NIC, then reinstall the firewall and finally copy back over the config information?  Or is there an easier way?  Anyone else tried to do this before?

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MishouConnect With a Mentor Commented:

You nedd to do the following steps:

In Control Panel ->devices ,look for 2 firewall devices and set them on manual.
In Control Panel ->services ,set all the firewall related services to manual.
Shutdown server.
Install the card in an empty PCI slot.
Reboot server and add the driver for this new card and config the ip address on it.

This will require another reboot of the machine.

Once the server is up verify that you are able to ping and be pinged from DMZ, Internal LAN and from the outside card.
This will ensure that the routing table is configured right.
Also maybe is a good ideea to post here the output of your "route print" command and "ipconfig /all".

Remember FW-1 is just a software that sit on top of your NICs allowing (or denying) traffic.

At this moment you can set back the FW-1 devices and services to automatic(or whatever state the were configured before) and restart the server.

Configure the firewall object to recognize all 3 interfaces and modify your policy to reflect this and to include DMZ zone.

Now there are few question :

do you use NAT , or routing with public ip ?
what's the ip and networks on yor card ?

Try to use a generic policy (as a test)that open everything in order to see if you can send/receive traffic to/from DMZ and Internal LAN.

Hope this will help


sergoldAuthor Commented:

Thank you for your quick reply.  I am going to try what you suggest first thing Monday morning.  I cannot do it now as the firewall is in use.  I will attempt to work on it before hours.  We do use NAT.  The Internal NIC is on our illegal IP network, the External NIC is on the Public legal IP network, and I plan to put the DMZ NIC on the network.  I think the key will be to use a generic policy, I should have thought of this, but instead I just tried using the one I already had with the new rules added.  I will test ping everything then start the firewall and try an open basic policy.  I will let you know how it goes.

Will follow-up here monday

This is not directly related to your question, but I feel compelled to comment on this: you mention NT 4.0 SP5 as being the OS on which your FW-1 operates. ***You are not fully patched **** I would suggest you upgrade at the earliest to SP6A and also apply the Security Rollup Package (SRP) which fixes a lot of vulnerabilities.


for more details. Be sure to try this rollout on a pre-production firewall before you apply on the production firewall.


Arvind Shyamsundar
Brainbench MVP for Internet Security
sergoldAuthor Commented:
Mishou and Arvind,

Thanks both for your help.  Great advice from both of you and I appreciate the help.  Everything both said is correct and worked great.  I still had the problem though with the DMZ not working.  I figured out the solution was to add a couple rules in Address Translation from some help from the help list at  Because I was using NAT and hiding behind, in other words the firewall's IP address, I need to have Address Translation keep the orginal SRC and DEST.  Thanks for all the help and getting me on the right track of where to start.  I entensively used your pinging idea Mishou with an open rulebase to help figure this all out.  And also thanks Arvind for the note on patching, it was planned just hadn't happened yet.

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