WIN98 registery and file transfers to new HD


I have developed bad sectors on my HD.
So I have bought a new HD, and want to install a
new OS on it. However I want to be able to access
whatever old programs and files that have not been corrupted that are on the old computer. Specifically I have an accounting program and Microsoft Outlook Express, with all my old e-mail.

Can I simply copy my registery over to the new computer, without having any errors when running Windows? Does it have to be the same version of Windows?
What files do I need to copy from Outlook Express to have all my old e-mails?
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You won't be able to just copy the Registry over to the new disk and then access your old programs on the other disk, for the new disk will have to be called drive C: and the old will then become drive D:  If you have any programs that are essentially Win 3.1 or DOS programs, that do not put entries into the Registry, you can create new shortcuts for them and execute them as before.  The data location for the MS Outlook Express is usually some thing like this:

C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Identities\{a long sequence of hex digits separated by hyphens}\Microsoft\Outlook Express

You can find the exact location by:  click on the Tools menu, then Options, click on the Maintenance tab, then on the button called Store Folder.  Drag your mouse over the location given on the next dialog box and type Ctrl C to copy it to the clipboard.
systemAuthor Commented:
Hmm... well I think there is a misunderstanding... because there will be no Drive D.... the old HD is trash.

I will only have the new HD and what I wanted to do was just carry over the old registery onto the new HD, and I wanted to know if there are any precautions or errors that I might encounter.
Lots of -problems can result (If not all programs are copied over)
can you copy the entire contents of the drive (with the drive copy software that comes with most new drives)
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also check out drive image
and drive copy
you can also use xcopy to copy the drive contents to the new drive
No one has metioned this so I will;
First you will need an OS (Windows) disk to install windows again.

If you have the original install programs you can just copy the directory from the old hard dirve to the new hard drive and then run the setup program, ususally setup.exe, for each program you want to install.

Or just copy the files that you have created in each of the programs and then run the setup.

This way you don't have to worry about the registry it will create itself again.
systemAuthor Commented:
jpanderson: I do have the original windows 98 disks (which is what the old HD had)... I also have an OEM WinXP CD. I would like to install XP rather than 98 if I have to install the whole OS again, but I figured that since the hardware configuration has not changed, I would have been able to copy the whole HD contents (using somehting like drivecopy [stevenlewis suggestion]) but the problem is the computer is not even booting properly because of the bad sectors, (which is the whole reason why I bought a new HD) and therefore copying the remaining contents of the original HD will probably not make a bootable windows HD, because as of now the original HD is not functioning properly) i.e. I can't even access Windows, because it is hanging before i can log in to windows, because of the physical corrupted bad sectors on the HD. I was hoping to copy the registry (assuming that the registry sectors are not corrupted as well), and whatever program I have working I would copy as well, so as not to lose any info, preferences, existing files, etc... Anything that is in the registry, ie. programs i don't need, would just be registry keys that are there but don't affect my system,  correct?
Not Correct...the extra registry entries might call to programs that aren't installed.

If you have access to the files on the old hard drive then you can format C: and reinstall windows > then copy the folders from the old programs that you are going to use back onto the new hard drive then run the setup program for the program and your information will be back.

There are cases where the infomation isn't stored with the program but by copying the folders: c:\windows\application data and c:\windows\Favorites will fix most.
systemAuthor Commented:
jpanderson : The issue is not corrupted at the software level but the hardware level. I fail to understand how formatting, and reinstalling will fix the problem, because the bad sectors will continue to be there.
Forget the old HD for now and put the new on in as the master and change the old one to slave.  Then run the hdd detection in BIOS (hit delete when starting).  Then reboot and install winxp or win98, you can't install winxp from dos unless you have the startup floppys that you can get off the microsoft site.

After you have the new os installed you can then copy the folders/files fron the old HD to the new HD.  Now run the setup programs and all is well..
because the bad sectors will continue to be there
True, but formatting the drive will mark the sectors bad, and no info will be written to those secters (and the info will not be corrupt)
Of course you will have to re-install everything. I recommend you bite the bullet, install the new drive, format it, and start from scratch.
You can then install the old drive as a slave/secondary master/slave and at least get the data (not the programs, but your pics and documents, etc) from it

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can't install winxp from dos unless you have the startup floppys that you can get off the microsoft
Not true
boot to a w98 boot disk, choose cd support and note the drive letter assigned to the cd
then from the prompt type
where x: is the drive letter assigned to the cd
If the xp is an upgrade, you will need the w98 cd to validate during install
Nice tip...thanks stevenlewis.  I guess you could also create a Bootable cd with xp on it too.
systemAuthor Commented:
I didn't realize that the bad sectors would be marked as bad when I reformatted and therefore in essence isolate the problem. Therefore I have chosen this route. Thanks to everyone who contributed ideas.
system Glad to help out
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