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I have recently set up the modem on my domain controller to support sharing and demand dialing. During this process I had to switch to using DHCP, change the IP addresses used by my network and alter all my DNS configuration. I had a number of problems during this process and all are fixed now except one.

Every once in a while the following log file entry appears

Event Type:     Error
Event Source:     ipnathlp
Event Category:     None
Event ID:     31002
Date:          08/05/2002
Time:          18:23:09
User:          N/A
Computer:     WILMA
The DNS proxy agent was unable to bind to the IP address This error may indicate a problem with TCP/IP networking. The data is the error code.
0000: 1d 27 00 00               .'..    

Originally the address was but I wondered, whether DNS had problems with such an address so I added an additional IP (11) to the machine to test that out, but it made no difference.

The thing is that the DNS server is actually working!

I'm also occasionally seeing this other event as well

Event Type:     Warning
Event Source:     NETLOGON
Event Category:     None
Event ID:     5782
Date:          08/05/2002
Time:          20:54:22
User:          N/A
Computer:     WILMA
Dynamic registration or deregistration of one or more DNS records failed with the following error:
No DNS servers configured for local system.  
0000: 7c 26 00 00               |&..    

Wilma is the PDC.

Finally I have also had occasions when the modem has just started dialing in although nothing is actually happening  on the machine when this occurs (It seems to pick a moment when I'm in the kitchen making a coffee - is there something Microsoft hasn't told us!!!)

Any clues any one.
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mouattsAuthor Commented:
Did I say the DNS was working, well it does sometimes!
Do you have 'Register this connection's addresses in DNS'
checked in:
Network and Dial-up Connections | LAN Connection Properties
TCP/IP Properties | Advanced | DNS Tab
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checked = unchecked

Is the DNS server located on the DC?
Any other DNS servers?
Does it have the correct DNS zone name?
Is the DC pointing to the correct IP address of the DNS server?
Did you stop and start netlogon service to try and reregister SRV records?

mouattsAuthor Commented:

Firstly thanks for tyhe eventid.net link. Not seen that site but I can see my self being a regular there.

The first link for the error answered a lot of questions.

My DNS,DHCP and ICS were all on the PDC so I moved the ICS to another server without DNS running and that corrected the problem with the DNS.

A new error appeared on the server now running ICS which was 30005 (eventid.net had no info on that one) Basically the error is complaining that it has found my DHCP server on the same network as the mini one that ICS sets up. Given that you have to run DHCP to use ICS someone at Microsoft was obviously consentrating on their share options when they wrote that bit of code! Anyhow according to the error message the ICS DHCP server has deallocated its self so that seems fine.

However the one problem that still seems to exist is that the automatic dialup is still happening.

So far as your questions are concerned.

I have just turned 'Register this connection's addresses in DNS' off on the PDC but not the ICS server so I will see if that has any effect.
Yes the DNS is on the DC, it has the correct zone name, IP etc and there are no other DNS on the network.
I haven't bounce netlogon, but this error disappeared when I move ICS.

mouattsAuthor Commented:
Just to add to what I said before I ended up turning the register off on the ICS and on on the PDC.

The other thing I am pretty sure of is that what ever is forcing the dialup is on the PDC.

This may not apply but has the event ID:

Maybe to kill error 5782 - do the opposite of what I suggested above (TCP/IP/DNS/ADVANCE)
check both 'register' and DNS suffix.

Also install the support tools (\support\tools from server CD)and run netdiag and dcdiag

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mouattsAuthor Commented:
Just clearing up some unlocked questions.

The final problem is caused by a bug with w2000. When you use modem sharing without using NATs a mini DCHP and DNS server is installed on the machine that has the modem connected.

When it first boots up it detects the DNS and DCHP server on the PDC and doesn't like it. There is no way of turning this off so you basically just have to live with the problem. But given this is one dialog on start up I guess I can live with that.

I'm give the points to shekerra because although they didn't provide the answer they certainly helped on the way.

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