Posting web pages?

I have just purchased Microsoft Front Page 2002 and I am
designing my own site to put on the internet. I have free web space
on When I upload a web page I have to
change all of the hyperlinks to Http://www.geocities/whatever/whatever.html.
The path on my hard drive is different. How to I get past this or
work around this?
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webwomanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
GeoCities doesn't support FrontPage extensions. You can't upload directly from FrontPage, you MUST use their tools. So the paths will have to be made relative, and even then, FP might mess them up.

Andy36, you also have to replicate the directory structure you have. If you have an IMAGES folder on your hard drive with the pics for your web site, you have to have an IMAGES folder on GeoCities. All the file names MUST be EXACTLY the same. Everything MUST match.

I'll bet it doesn't. Either the file structure or the names (or both) is wrong.
when you put links on your pages, it's a good practice to not include the whole url. that means you will not include the whole path of your server.


<A HREF="http://computername/whatever/whatever.html">test</A>

will be

<A HREF="whatever/whatever.html">test</A>

i don't know if frontpage has a utility that will fix this (i only use notepad as my generator ;-).

the other solution is to do it manually.

but a microsoft articles says,

Frontpage keeps your links and images working correctly. FrontPage will maintain your files and hyperlinks. Each time you publish the Web site, FrontPage compares the files on your local computer to the files on the Web server. For example, if you move a file in your local Web site, FrontPage will update and correct any hyperlinks to it, and then make the same corrections to the files on the Web server the next time you publish the Web.

though this article is pointing the 2000 versioni not 2002, this functionality, i believe, will be retained if not improved in the later versions. please review your publishing process, you maybe missing something there.

gud luck!
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somehow i don't think frontpage will publish to geocities, i bet he is just saving the files and then uploading, thus your first suggestion should be the correct one.

Andy, I would just make all my hyperlinks back to the root of the main directory your web is based in.


  i'm not sure actually i haven't tried publishing through frontpage i only use uploading utilities from web hosting sites. i just found that article on microsoft.

i've never actually used FrontPage at all, but I'm pretty sure unless you have the pay version of Geocities you have to upload your files thru a webpage, I seem to recall they don't even allow FTPing anymore.

Andy36Author Commented:

So is I had my own web space like then FP would update all of my links and I would not have to put the url addresses in myself?
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