Installing 2000 Server in an SBS 4.5 environment

Is it possible to install a Windows 2000 Member Server into an SBS 4.5 domain? I am not talking about upgrading the SBS server to 2000, I just want to install a new member server seperately.
Links to any articles answering this would be greatly appreciated
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You can install as many NT or W2K Member servers as you want into an SBS 4.5 domain.
tsgarpAuthor Commented:
Links to any articles answering this would be greatly appreciated.
There is really nothing to configure with regards to installing a Member server in an Active Directory domain with SBS as the Domain Controller.  Adding a Member server to the domain uses the same principles as adding a Workstation, install the OS and join it to the domain.  The limitations of SBS don't really come into play until you want to expand your environment, have multiple domains, sites, etc.  A list of the limitations of SBS2000 can be found at;EN-US;q295765
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tsgarpAuthor Commented:
as i mentioned, this is an SBS 4.5 environment. Active Directory has nothing to do with it. I want to know if I can install a Windows 2000 member server in an SBS 4.5 environment, and would like a link to something official to back it up.
thanks again.
The same rules apply to Member Servers in an NT 4.0 Domain run by an SBS 4.5 or SBS 4.0 server.  The critical limitions of SBS 4.5 is that it will only run as a PDC and will not accept more than 50 connections.  The addition of Member Servers or NT 4.0 BDC's is not limited.
The SBS 4.5 limitations are otherwise listed at;EN-US;q221791

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