I have written an App on my laptop which I want to install on another machine. On my laptop, I have done a dummy run and the app installs fine (using Lindersoft's SetupBuilder).
I have made a clean install of Win98SE, Office XP, Delphi 6 on my desktop PC. I copied all the files from my laptop onto the desktop, but when I try to edit *my* program Delphi crashes (the installed demos are ok). The error message says "Delphi32 caused an invalid page fault in module ADORTL60.BPL".

I also tried to install the program on the desktop, but get the message "This program has performed an illegal operation blah blah..." (my program caused a stack fault in module...)

Anyone know what would cause this?

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Dear Freeride,

Elfyn Jones wrote in the Delphi.Ado News Groupe:

I've experienced this same error. To correct it I had to open the dfm module
that declared my ado tables and delete all lines that set the active field
of the ado tables to true.

A Wilkinsin

Best Regards


FreeriderAuthor Commented:
What does the definition look like?
FreeriderAuthor Commented:

and it's Freerider :-)
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