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security options not installed

Befor getting a new HP VECTRA PC with Windows2000 preinstalled I had a WindowsNT station which allowed me to put some security options on folders and printer sharing. Windows2000 has no options for this staff. I have a printer connected to my computer and the users set to have access are restricted after a while for the password is no longer valid. But I didn't set this restriction and cannot cancel it because I couldnt find where. Other guys which use W2000 have these security tabs in FolderOptions after disabling simple file sharing (which is not on my installation). The provider gave me an "Image Creation and Recovery CD-ROM" for backup which I wouldn't use because I'm afraid not to damage the software installed.
Could anybody help me to find out the security options and access ?
1 Solution
Go to my computer and right click your drive icon and select properties - which file system are you using?
NTFS file system will have the security tab - fat32 won't.
You would need to convert it to NTFS to get the security tab -
If it is NTFS file system then you don't have the correct permissions.

convert volume /fs:ntfs
see convert /? from a DOS prompt.
moiaAuthor Commented:
It's FAT32. Is there any danger in convertion because I have no room for backup my data ?
There is no danger in converting to NTFS.  I've done it many times with no problems...

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>>There is no danger in converting to NTFS

Not true.  There IS a danger and there is a possibility to lose all your data.

If anything on the disk is important, and you cannot afford to lose it, BACKUP BEFORE attempting this operation.

Of course, you should have a CURRENT BACKUP AT ALL TIMES anyway, since your HDD could die at any time without notice...
I have never lost any data converting to NTFS but with all Microsoft products there is always a slight chance of screwups.
There was a queue in XP where a person upgraded from Home to Pro and he lost a very important file.  So I would have to agree with jhance on this one - if you do not want to have the 'possibility' of losing any data - back it up prior to converting.  Harddrives are not that spendy nowadays - you could add a second HDD to your current setup and back up to that.
Check your disk from disk management...
is there space that you can use for creating another partition. If so then create a FAT32 partition, backup your important data to it and then convert the original partition to NTFS.
Usually file system conversion goes OK...but you never know.
You could burn onto a CD as well..or buy another HD :)
Faisal SaeedITCommented:
u have to follwow the directions
in sysvol go in properties and then share this folder
after sharing, give permossion to admin account only
and give full rights.
Did you get the 'security tab' by following mfaisal's instructions above.  Since I do not use fat32 on my w2k/XP systems I would like to know the outcome of this question.

i think u need the go for local security policy and u will find there, make changes.
to open this first go start,stting,control panel enter and then double click administrative tools again double click local security policy try there ok.
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moiaAuthor Commented:
There is no path c:\winnt\sysvol\ mfaisal. Neither hidden.
I followed naseer's comments and changed user's policies. Now about folder sharing. I completely denied permission for one user on a folder and still has access on. Why's that ?
moiaAuthor Commented:
I successfully converted to NTFS.
Thank you.
From: Stardotstar
Date: 07/16/2002 03:01PM PST
Answer Grade: A Points: 50
Whats the latest service pak for win 2000?  

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Comment from shekerra  07/16/2002 03:27PM PST  
Wow are you kind> thanks stardotstar> I am adding you to my 'neat list' > this is the best thing that has happened at EE all month!  
Accepted Answer from shekerra  07/16/2002 03:29PM PST  
That would be SP2 :)  
Comment from Stardotstar  07/16/2002 04:13PM PST  
No thank you!  
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