Program too big to fit in memory

Posted on 2002-05-12
Last Modified: 2012-06-21
Hi there,
I've got a program that I downloaded that I'm trying to run. Its an .exe and everytime I try to run it from the command prompt I get "Program too big to fit in memory" - the file is about 713MB, its an ISO of a CD.

I've got 256MB RAM, currently min 1GB assigned for VRAM, max of 1.5GB. Task manager shows I'm using about 120MB of my physical RAM.

Any ideas on how I get this baby to run?

Thanks in advance!
Question by:mikealsweiler
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How can this file be (as you said), "an .exe" and also "an ISO of a CD" at the SAME TIME???

An EXE is a Windows executable file.  An ISO is a DATA file and therefore not executable.

The only thing you can do with an ISO file is open it with a CD authoring software (like Roxio's EZ-CD Creator) and burn it to a CD-R.

So you cann't "run" an ISO file.

Why don't you please be more clear about what you have and what you are doing?

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bascially, the file is filename.iso.exe

so i thought it was either an executable archive of the iso, or that it had a .exe extension added to it.

running it as an .exe says its too big for memory, taking the .exe extension off of it and opening it in CD Creator I get told that its not a valid CD image...


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bascially, the file is filename.iso.exe

so i thought it was either an executable archive of the iso, or that it had a .exe extension added to it.

running it as an .exe says its too big for memory, taking the .exe extension off of it and opening it in CD Creator I get told that its not a valid CD image...

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Instead of running it from the command prompt try just double clicking on it instead and see what happens. It does seem odd that an ISO image is housed inside of an exe though. Hope you scanned the file to check for virus's before you tried open it.

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I'm not 100% sure, but I doubt you'll get much from trying to run the ISO file....but try it by all means, you never know after all!

If you have no luck, try taking a look here:

This is a program that can extract the contents of an ISO file, which may be of some help to you.

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Either try double-clicking on it as stated above, or you could also try renaming it to filename.iso and drop the .exe extension. It is highly unlikely that this is an executable. ISO images are RARELY converted into executable files. If you double-click it after taking off the .exe extension but with the .iso extension, it SHOULD open your associated ISO creator such as Roxio EZ CD Creator and start creating a CD such as ISO images do. If you do not have a program associated with ISO images, you need to download or purchase on. I would suggest looking for a free one on

One other consideration is that of course this program cannot fit into Physical memory to open. Therefore you MUST open it in virtual, disk-swap space. If you do not have 1GB free (or so..) on your hard drive, then you need that much free-space to open the image. Just one of the drawbacks. The same goes for a picture or movie. If a picture is let's say 320MB for some reason or another, you have 64 MB of memory, and 100 MB free on your hard drive, it will have a similar problem.

Check these things out and let us know.

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Oops!! I just saw that you did say you have enough Virtual memory assigned for this. I apologize for my oversight! But, you did not say whether you have enough free disk space. You might as well check this to make sure.


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Is you're ISO associated app running fine...(Roxio works ok?-or do you use Nero?) Get ISO Buster from here:

it's free and will allow you to browse through ISO files and extract from them if you so choose.

You gotta give us more info to help you but, it sounds like a corrupted iso to me...or incomplete..was there any other files to download from the site you got it from?

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If it has an exe on the end, is it possible you've got an iso file made into a self extracting zip file?
try changing the exe to zip and just extracting it with winzip.

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Is this an old DOS program?

Is this a "trusted" program?  It may be a nasty program attempting to get direct control of memory (a violation of NT/2000 rules).


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