outlook express 6 problem

  Yesterday when I ran the OE6, it shows "Mismn.exe problem ... " and so I can't open the OE6.  Then I tried to uninstall it and reinstall it.  I did that by installing the IE6 again, but fail, the problem exists.

  Then I go to support.microsoft.com and found that I need to remove the registry and clear the old copy.  I did but it failed.

  I want to ask what is the standard procedure to remove the OE6 and so I can reinstall a new fresh copy???

  Also, How come the problem still exists even I remove the old copy and the registry???

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travalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just for jollies try searching for folders.dbx and renaming it, then restarting Outlook Express.  This will rebuild the file.  I haven't seen this exact error caused by corruption in this file, but I have seen lots of flaky behavior caused by it.

Additionally, you mention this error occurs especially when you edit the address book, but it appeared your original post said the problem occurred when starting Outlook Express.  Are you able to use Outlook Express for a while before the error occurs?

Have you tried creating a new Identity?  If you can't open Outlook Express to try this, here is an alternate way:
1.     Click Start>Run. Type WAB and click OK.
2.     Click File>Switch Identity.
3.     Click Manage Identities.
4.     Click the New button to create a new identity. After type the name of the identity, click OK.
5.     Click Yes to switch to the newly created identity.
6.     Close the Address Book.
7.     Launch Outlook Express.  

If you can open Outlook Express, you may want to import all your original emails, but all the addresses should still be available in the Shared Address book.
Have you tried a Repair?
gorexyAuthor Commented:
yes but fail
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You don't say which articles you have tried.
Take a look at http://support.microsoft.com/search/preview.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;Q312474
You also don't say which OS.  This tells you how to manually remove in Win2k - http://support.microsoft.com/search/preview.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;Q263837
gorexyAuthor Commented:
I tried but failed too.

I am using Win2K with IE6
Let's cut out the guesswork here.  What have you tried so I won't suggest it again?  What articles?  What procedures?
Does the error say that "msimn.exe has encountered a problem...." or indicate there was an Invalid Page Fault in msimn?  Please include the verbatim error.

What OS are you running on?

Are you short on disk space on the C drive?

This problem could be caused by dll files or identities, so removing the program and its registry entries might not correct it.

gorexyAuthor Commented:
yes "msimn.exe has encountered a problem...."

I am using Win2000

no I got 10G in harddisk

also, it is a fresh win2000 , I just use outlook express 3 times and errors occur!! especially when I edit the address book.
repeat ... repeat!!
What have you tried so I won't suggest it again?  What articles?
 What procedures?
gorexyAuthor Commented:
I forgot which articles but I tried the 2 you suggested already
gorexyAuthor Commented:
Thanks!!  I delete the folder.dbx and restart again, it works fine now.
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