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Store.exe high CPU ultilization.

I've faced the same problem like asiasoft.I'm using Exchange 5.0 SP2 attached to WinNT server.I've tried to run the isinteg-patch and I thought I've solved the problem but seems like all my previous email was change as a image file. I can't even open the email and all the email only left the subject line highlighted but cannot be view.
I'd ran certain patches which I've downloaded from MSDN support site like the hotfix.exe but seems like even worst than the beginning. Some of the services cannot start and I've to restore the private and public information store file.
Others than that, I've tried before the link provided by
slink9 and it doesn't help at all.
Right now, my NT server still slow and the store.exe CPU usage reached to 99%. The range is from 88-99%. I've tried uninstalled the antivirus and reinstalled the antivirus program to monitor the situation but it doesn't solve the problem. Right now even worst, I can't start the NAV for MSExchange server. Please help.....thanks in advance.
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We have similar problem 2 years ago, I do not exaly remember how We fixed it. Here is some point recall from my memory,

1. Disable the real-time monitor from the Anti-Virus Scanner.
2. Build Second mail server which joint to your existing site, install IMC/IMS, Check the Store.exe CPU again and compare the size of edb file in MDBDATA directory from both email server (If the Size of edb file in 2nd mail server is a lot of less the Primary mail server, It maeans that the oringal data was corrupted, however, you should have to manual redirect mail client to new mail server, record the size of edb file in !st mail server befor move mail account to 2nd mail server), This "move" step will fix the problem of corruption of data automatically. Restart the 1st mail server, check the edb and CPU, It should back to normal, I do not run any isinteg utility. Then you can try to move the mail account back to 1st mail server to observe the change, If you do not see the edb and CPU change a lot, your are recovered.

I did try your way to fix the problem, but it getting worse as you described, so I change my plan as above steps, It works.

Hope this input will help you out of problem.

if you want to check your database integrity without installing new server you can use isinteg utility with  fix option will help you to run  exchange database integrity test and it will also fix the logical erroe in the database. if database is courrpte then it will tell you  that also.

Hope this will helps you. and this ustility alwasy help when any kind of exchange database(STORE.EXE) problem occuers. MS  tech support  also support this.
And might be useful for your  Is (STORE.exe) problem.

nicholas80Author Commented:
I've try out all that you guys mentioned by still cannot work it out. Anyway, I've settled the problem by upgrading our Exchange Server to 5.5 instead of 5.0. Now, seems like everything is smooth and ok. Anyway thanks for the guidelines as well.
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