NDRs generated although send/receive successful [Exchange 5.5 SP4 on Win2k Server]

Dear Gurus,

My Exchange server is generating NDRs for all emails sent. 1 NDR is sent for each local recepient in the "to:" field of emails sent/received. This applies to both outbound and inbound emails, as long as there is a local recepient.

A copy of the undeliverable email notification is below:
Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.

      Subject:     abc
      Sent:     13-May-2002 3:53 PM

The following recipient(s) could not be reached:

      User1 on 13-May-2002 3:53 PM
            The recipient was unavailable to take delivery of the message
     The MTS-ID of the original message is: c=US;a= ;p=DEF;l=SVR-XCH01-020513075313Z-227

      User2 on 13-May-2002 3:53 PM
            The recipient was unavailable to take delivery of the message
     The MTS-ID of the original message is: c=US;a= ;p=DEF;l=SVR-XCH01-020513075313Z-227
I've replaced the subject, user and PRMD names in the error message above.

Event logs were also generated for event id 270, 290 and 2025.

Here is an excerpt from Ev0.log under \exchsvr\mdadata:
message NMI0290: X.400 Service Event, severity 14

          (MTA DISP:RESULT(19) Proc 136) 05-13-02 04:13:11pm
          Generating Non-Delivery report
            Reason code        transfer-failure
            Diagnostic code    recipient-unavailable
            Recipient Number   4
            Original recipient DN:/o=DEF/ou=SINGAPORE/cn=RECIPIENTS/cn=Benny§
            Reassigned to      DN:/o=DEF/ou=SINGAPORE/cn=Recipients/cn=Mgmt§C=US;A= ;P=DEF;O=SINGAPORE;S=Mgmt2;
            Original MTS identifier C=US;A= ;P=DEF;L=SVR-XCH01-020513081310Z-242

Some more background info:
We have a W2k server running IIS 5 and Exchange 5.5. As the IMS in Exchange 5.5 and the SMTP service in W2k did not work well together, MS documentation recommended uninstalling it which I did. My company then wanted to enable sending emails via our website using asp and CDONTS. However, CDONTS works with SMTP and does not work with IMS directly.

Some info on the web indicated that CDONTS's working path could be changed from mailroot\pickup to imcdata\pickup automatically upon installation of SMTP on NT4.0. We tried that but it did not work. Some undeliverable messages were generated but died off in an hour or two after the SMTP service was disabled (It could not be uninstalled because there was no check mark beside it in Add/Remove Windows Components->IIS->Details).

We then tried adding our server's FQDN to IMS->Connections->Message Delivery->Email Domains. It immediately resulted in undeliverable messages being generated. Removing the entry did not solve the problem.

Hope that's enough info.. please do let me know if you need any other info that I can get my hands on. TIA!
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You didn't mention what service pack the Exchange server was on.

So check this regarding the event IDs you get:


and this on regarding mailbox limits

leadsaneAuthor Commented:
Hi bluezoo7,

I'm running Exchange Server 5.5 SP4. It was in the title. :)

Thanks for the links, they weren't what I was looking for though. Firstly, I'm not located in Australia, I'm in Singapore. Secondly, I'm sure that my receive limit of 100MB is more than enough. The NDRs are being generated for all emails addressed to each local user. E.g. if I sent an email to 4 colleagues, I'll get a NDR with 4 errors listed.

Anyway, the NDRs have just stopped being generated and I have no idea why. I supposed the problem must still be there, just hidden away somewhere waiting to resurface once I change some configuration. What should I do now?

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Curses. Those subject lines always mess me up.

You need to find out what changed: Did you reboot the mail server? The web server? Did someone change something in the web code that sends e-mail? Did the ISP change anything?

Also, were you having problems sending mail from clients or just the web site? Or both?

Finally, did you remove IMS? Disable the SMTP service on W2K? Its not clear to me from your message above what state your mail system is in now.

leadsaneAuthor Commented:
Hi bluezoo7,

There were quite afew changes such as reboots and failed attempts to uninstall IIS's SMTP. A workaround is being used to schedule a batch file to run every minute that moves the *.eml files from the mailroot/pickup folder to the exchsvr/imcdata/pickup/ folder. The logs still show other errors but email seems to be working fine with the exception recently of some mail being sent from the website ending up "stuck" in the outgoing queue of the IMS. However, deleting those mails got the mail from the website going again.
Sounds like the W2K SMTP service is listening on port 25.
You attempted to uninstall it, but if that doesn't work you can try disabling it.

If the Exchange SMTP virtual server is configured and working correctly, it should then listen on port 25 and put the mail in the correct place from the get-go.
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