What language to use on a Mac`?

Hey Macies!

Am a PC "lamer" and got Mac job to do! Which programming language should I prefer, needing to use TCP/IP sockets, XML and SyncXML?


I know C, VB and Delphi - prefering Delphi..but I doesnt exist on Mac's ..right ?


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As far as i know, if youre writing Carbon or Cocoa apps you need to use C. You could also get information from the Apple Developer Connection which is linked via apple's site.
It seems you're oriented toward visual languages (VB, Delphi) in which case it seems RealBasic is you best option (builds MacOS Classic, Mac OSX, Windows executables)

Try a demo from www.realbasic.com
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Sorry - have tried to improve my behaviour since...
Still recommend RealBasic...
the answer is C/C++

pick metrowerks or gcc

Dear GOMF,

I'd still say if you're used to Delphi on PC, your best option on the Mac is RealBasic.
I would like to say metrowerks is an excellant solution if you use C/C++ or pascal/object pascal

very robust environment offfering compliant C/C++ compiler, source control using CVS, PVCS or sourcesafe - IDE based interface to source control, remote or local debugging at assembly or source level. Cross platform builds or debugging also possible

IMHO, Realbasic is a toy compared to this :-)


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