Netgear FA 311 network card and Red Hat Linux 6.1

I have an Intel PC running Windows on one partition and Red Hat Linux 6.1 on the other.

Unfortunately and in hindsight rather stupidly I have bought a Netgear network card which runs fine under Windows 2000 but getting Red Hat Linux to recognise this card has met with failure. The Red Hat website mentions that this card is as yet not necessarily supported.

Has anyone had any joy in getting this card to work?

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Driver & some FAQ's above (I expect you've seen these but just in case)
I see you are running an older distribution of RedHat, it may require a fair few patches to enable support.
Check with redhat 7...... support as that is more up to date, and it may link you to a general driver.

Did you have a network card in previously, and is Redhat still trying to locate it.

Hope something here helps

look at numbers 5, 13 & 19 in above link. hope it helps
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HeraklesAuthor Commented:

I looked earlier on Netgear's website but didnt see this.

I'll try it out and see if it works.
Hi Herakles,

In the future, you should probably not accept a comment as the answer until you have the problem solved (if there is a solution).

Hope the info from WiZaRd works for you. He is one of the better Experts around here.

This site uses a great deal of collaberation from a wide base of Experts who have a large scope of experience in many areas. Just make sure you're satisfied with a Comment or Answer before accepting one. Noone is looking for instant gratification. Most are truly concerned with seeing your problem through and finding the best solution.

Good luck, and welcome to EE.

thanks for the kudos jlauster

Herakles let us know if you fixed the problem. I'd rather get an A grade for a fix (better average) than a B grade for a maybe it'll work.
HeraklesAuthor Commented:
WIZARD's tips were spot on. The fa311.o is now included in the kernel and the card is recognised after using netcfg, however it does take a little while to set the IP address ( I was able to telnet in from another machine ). I get a message "Delaying eth0 initialisation" but I guess I can solve this one.

Great news. Glad to have helped out. Have dabbled in Linux before and I know how frustrating it can be to have one device not working properly.
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