FrontPage Discussion form handler does not email

I like the way FrontPage provides discussion forums.
I have no problems creating the forms and getting them to work...
However, I'd like to get emailed as well when a topic is posted to the discussion forum, but when I have the form set to send to the "Discussion Form Handler" there is no option to email it too.

There's 200 points for this ?, because I'm not sure there is an option inherently in FrontPage to handle this.

I can turn on the email function, but then I can't send the form to the "Discussion Form handler"

Anybody help me get Uncle Bill straightened out?
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Bit_TwiddlerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have not tried this to verify if it works, but see this tutorial for mofifying FP Discussion Groups to email you when someone posts a message.

You wil find Discussion Forums there. I recommend YABB
jwcorbettAuthor Commented:
That worked great!
Pretty easy 200 for Bit Twiddler!
Thank a ton!
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