Cannot install Window98 SE

Hard Disk Fujitsu 6.4 G.,I tried to format to no avail, eventualy I downloaded Ontrack disk for DOS from fujitsu and did all kinds of trial, eventualy I low formatted the disk in an ultime effort, NO DICE, all the format report OK, no problems. But when I try to install Window 98 SE, it start by doing a SCAN DISK wich locks at 13% and says : FAT error, cannot recuperate, and goes back to DOS A:. Very misterious to me, can someone help ?, urgently needed. Jacques
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stevenlewisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
try fdisk, delete the partitions recreate them and then format and try a reinstall
the drive may be bad also try a different drive
At the DOS prompt type scandisk /all /surface(pay attention to the spaces).
From that point, which will take several hours, indeed follow stevelewis' advise.
Best of luck, and continue to post your progress.
Create a Windows 98 Second Edition startup diskette and boot from it. Type the following at the prompt:

Prompt    Type
a:\>      debug
-         F 220 L1000 0 (ENTER)
-         A CS: 100 (ENTER)
xxxx:0100 MOV AX,301 (ENTER)
xxxx:0103 MOV BX,200 (ENTER)
xxxx:0106 MOV CX,1 (ENTER)
xxxx:0109 MOV DX,80 (ENTER) <---"80" for hd1, "81" for hd2, etc.>
xxxx:010C INT 13 (ENTER)
xxxx:010E INT 20 (ENTER)
xxxx:0110 (ENTER) <-------BLANK LINE "VERY IMPORTANT" >
-G        (ENTER)

Program terminated normally

Hit Ctr+Alt+Del to reboot the system.

This will do a logical wipe of the drive and remove the MBR, partition table and all partitions.

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Be VERY CAREFUL if you take the bartsmit approach.  One wrong character and you can make the problem much worse.  Using debug is comparable to using the registry editor.  You need to do it right or stay away from it.
I tend to agree that the disk itself is gone.  It could be a physical problem with the platters or an electronics problem with the controller, but it sounds like this thing is not usable.
What happens if you load a floppy to the DOS prompt, then put in the CD and type in

Setup /na /nx /c /im /ih /it

check out this article:
One more thing - There are some hard drive utilities that you can run to check the validity of the drive. IBM made one that works great. I will get you the name of the program tommorow.
Another thing you can try is from the A:\ run fdisk /mbr this will recreate the master boot record.
jacrousAuthor Commented:
stevenlewis : I accepted your answer, did'nt find the problem, the drive is probably shoot. Tried another one and it worked perfectly. Jacques
jacrous curious as to why the "C"? It isn't my fault the drive was bad
Based on review, grade changed.

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