Justify text in word 2002

I have 2 groups of words on a single line.  I want the first group to be left justified at the left margin
and the second to be right justified at the right margin

I have 3 groups of words on a single line.  I want the first group to start at a tab mark, the second at another
and the third to be right justified at the right margin.

How can do this?
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nfroioConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would use a table, and format the table with no borders, and manually move the table borders to where I want the text, and format within the table.

I agree with nfrio. The other option would be to use a series of multi-column sections in your doc, but thetable will be much easier to work with
pentominoAuthor Commented:
Wow!  I am suprised that I would have to go through all that..
Seems like there might be a easier way, especially for item 1.

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First group Right Tab
Second group Right tab for last set

Could you give example this sounds to easy

Its not really all that hard, I think a table would actually be much easier then manually moving, and setting tabs, etc.

Basically, for your use, I would goto:

Table>Insert Table: 1 row | 2 cols, and type batch 1 into the left col, batch 2 into the right col, and format accordingly.

repeat for the 2nd section, but use 3 cols.

highlight all, use the border format button on the toolbar, and select none. and thats it, your done.


I agree with mousmasterbob, this sounds too easy, unless we're missing something here.  If I understand you correctly you have typed some text on one line that you want to split somewhere: the first set justified to the left margin and the second set justified to the right margin.  Placing a tab in the break-point in the text and setting a Right tab, no leader at the right margin does the trick.

For the second paragraph, placing a tab at both break-points, then setting the first as desired Left/Right/Center at a particular position with no leader and then setting another Right tab, no leader at the right margin does it here as well.

Creating tables seems much more complicated in this situation, especially if you've already typed the text.  Formatting tabs is easy.  Also you have the added advantage of applying the same formatting to multiple selectons of text (lines) quickly, if you have more, by using the format painter.

Hope this helps.
OK, just another two bobs worth.

The best, easiest, and by far the most effective way to do this is by using Tables.  Check web design - everything in tables - why? because aligning, formatting, etc, is greatly simplified by working within 'cells'.

The use of tabs and other hidden characters

a) is more difficult - two lines, try spacing evenly using hidden characters [i.e. spaces] - virtually impossible, but more importantly,

b) a change in platform, Word version, Page Width, Printers, and a whole host of other settings and situations impacts the way hidden characters are handled.

[sorry to disagree bkpchs237!  only my opinion]

1. Click on the start of the line just below your '2 group' text

2. Tables, Insert, 3 cols, 1 row

3. Play with your borders to get the feel of how to move i.e. slowly move mouse over left bord - you will see the mouse change to parrallel perpendicular bars - at that point you can click and drag the border to a different position - and there are stacks of other little shortcuts to modify your table.

4. Copy first group of text - use Ctrl-X [this will cut to memory].

5. Click in left hand side of left hand table cell - paste in the contents of memory [use Ctrl-V to make your life easier].

6. Copy second group of text - use Ctrl-X

7. Paste [Ctrl-V] into right hand cell of table.  With your cursor in that right hand cell, Right Align the text.

8. You can adjust the two middle partitions to make it all fit together much better.

Now, click on the extreme left hand side of the row containing the table - it should be all selected.  Use the Borders toolbar button to make the table have No Borders.

While it is selected, hit Ctrl-C to make a copy of the table.

Go down to where your 3 groups of text are - click just above or below, and Ctrl-V to paste in your table from memory.  Delete the text in the table.

Copy/Paste your three groups into the relative cells.  Adjust borders to make it look nice again - you can make the borders visible again to make this task a little easier - then get rid of them when you are finished.  And of course format the text any way you like.

If you run into difficulties, try Help, Tables - the support is comprehensive.

pentominoAuthor Commented:
I think bkpchs237 is on the right track.

But I am a simple fellow..  need example.

1) start word
2) use default template
    which in my case the ruler as white form 0 to 6" brown form 6 to 7, a left tab at 0,
   hanging indent at 0, first line indent at 0 , and right indent at 6.
3) I type abcdef  ghijk                                         123    xyz
4) I want "abcdef  ghijk"  to begin at the 0"   "123    xyx" to end at 6
5) need step by step instructions

I just tried this and seem to work, but............. in an existing document that needs
changing.. strabge things are going on.

I wil explain why seems to me my tabs change from line to line. I don't know why
sometime I set a tab a 6and the text I have at 5 goes away.
Boy I am confused..
Many people find tabs confusing and cumbersome which is why some people offered up tables as an alternative.

For setting tabs:

On a given line, type your items separated by one {TAB} keystroke.

This will default to the next 1/2 inch.

SO Type abcde fghi [TAB] abc 123
Then use the tab selector at the end of the ruler to find the correct tab. IN you case the right align tab looks like a backwards L. Then click on your ruler under the number 6 to establish the tab.

For 3 data items type each separated by a tab and follow the same procedure.

If you insist on going down the hidden characters road, and I still don't recommend it - you might find it useful to unHide those hidden characters.

On the Standard Toolbar - up near the right hand end - should be just to left of your Zoom box, is a backwards facing paragraph mark - holding mouse over reveals the hint 'Show/Hide' - click on that one, and you will be able to see where all those ugly Tabs and stuff are on your page.

Another option, depending on why you are trying to align text the way that you are, is to just use Excel, its really simple to plop text anywhere and everywhere, with little or no formatting needed whatsoever... just a thought
You can have a different Tab set*(*meaning a set of tabs) for each row that is why they are disappearing on the second row. If the text is already typed in before you set them highlite the text then set the tabs.This should keep the tab for all lines highlited

I won't comment on the table answers other than to say all options are correct:)


pentominoAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone. Seems like a very simple thing to do,  yet so many answers and thoughts. Gave the points to nfroio since he/she was the first ti answer.

Thanks all
thanks pentomino....

nfroio (he)
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