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File upload in forms


   I want to know how to upload a file from a oracle client system to the server. We r using Oracle 9iAS.

   If u have any idea, please let me know. If possible send me the code also.

Thanx and Regards,
1 Solution

PROCEDURE echo_file_contents IS
in_file Text_IO.File_Type;
linebuf VARCHAR2(80);
in_file := Text_IO.Fopen('echo.txt', 'r');
Text_IO.Get_Line(in_file, linebuf);
WHEN no_data_found THEN
Text_IO.Put_Line('Closing the file...');

do the client access the server via internet?
if so, then you've to code a javaservlet,
which does this for you,
otherwise you can use the text_io as above,
even if i don't know where the sample above does writes the data to

meikl ;-)

Mark GeerlingsDatabase AdministratorCommented:
In a client\server configuration, you can use text_io in Oracle Forms to write a file to any network device or drive that the client has access to.  (That's one of the reasons our application is still client\server only.)

In a web-based Oracle Forms implementation via Oracle's 9ias Application Server you will have to use another approach, like Java.
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It's exactly as markgeer says. Have a look at

There you will  find a File Upload Utility:
"The FileUpload utility uses a combination of a JavaBean deployed as a PJC in the Forms Client and some java code called on the Application server tier via the Java Importer functionality in Forms. FileUpload will display a file selection dialog on the Browser machine and transfer the selected file up to the middle tier."

A little bit down that page you will find the source code,
viewlets and a readme.

Hope this helps.
-- Sven

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