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Setting up Win2K machines

I was wondering if there is some way to script or copy a network connection.  So, that I could use it on another machine?  
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Are you talking about creating a batch file, to automatically map a network drive.
If so here's the syntax...

net use drive letter:\\servername\sharename. Replacing drive letter with a letter of your choice. Create it in a notepad and replace the .txt extension with .bat
schefferaAuthor Commented:
I want to know if I could copy or script a Network Dial-up Connection (ie. Local Area Connection).

Hey, Angelika...

Your question is not 100% clear, but I'm guessing that what you're trying to accomplish is to set up a computer with the same dial-up connection settings as a second computer.  This would include the number dialed, your TCP/IP information, etc.  Is that correct?

Please give us a little more information here.


schefferaAuthor Commented:
It actually would be a network LAN connection.  I would like to be able to copy all the settings, without actually having to type them in each time I set up a machine.  That would include: File and Print Sharing, Client for MS networks, TCP/IP and all the other components for the connection.  

Having had to configure it so many times, I am getting sick of it.  And it looks impossible, but who knows....  Maybe these settings are contained in the registry somewhere and I could copy that?  I don't know.

there is a way to do it with unattended installs ( via RIS or local unttended install)


that way all machines rolled out will have identical settings right down to proxy/dhcp/dns/ the list goes on.

the link listed there lists windows XP but win2k is pretty much the same
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