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Unable to send email from Inbox - No transport provider

Running Win98SE
On a peer to peer network
Using AOL 6.0 to connect to the internet

I have installed wms.exe from win95tools directory.

Services listed are:
Microsoft Fax
Microsoft Mail
Personal Address Book
Personal Folders

Microsoft Mail parameters

Path to postoffice C:\Exchange\wgpo0000
Service to connect at startup: LAN
Logon to postoffice set correctly
Enable delivery to Address Types: Network/Postoffice (Only option available, there was more at one time when I was trying different options but they have now disappeared)

Inbox Settings:
Recipient processed in following order

Microsoft Mail on C:\Exchange\wgpo0000
Microsoft Fax Transport

Address Book
Test Surname Properties
Email address <test@mydomain.co.uk> (I have tried with and without brackets)
E-mail type: SMTP

I found this problem by using Quickbooks 2002 to email an invoice.
It is supposed to be MAPI-compliant.
When I email an invoice it appears in the Inbox saying

Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.

      Subject:     test email
      Sent:     16/05/02 22:30:33

The following recipient(s) could not be reached:

      'Test Surname' on 16/05/02 20:00:12
            No transport provider was available for delivery to this recipient.

When I compose a message in Inbox and send it I get the same result.

Outlook Express 5 on the same PC works fine.
I normally use Turnpike 6.01 and AOL for my email, both working fine.
But ... the Quickbooks program insists on sending via Windows Messaging :-(

I have also downloaded Eudora (MAPI-compliant) and made it the default email client, but Quickbooks still insists on using Windows Messaging. Haven't found a way of changing Quickbooks but I should still be able to send an email from Windows Messaging shouldn't I???

Help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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1 Solution
1) I would check for any Quickbook updates that may resolve this.
Also check their site for more info.

2) You may need to uninstall WMS.

I hope this helps !
Enable delivery to Address Types: Network/Postoffice (Only option available, there was more at one time
when I was trying different options but they have now disappeared)
You have to have internet mail as one of the services in order to have the transport
this may shed some light
from the first article
NOTE: Microsoft Exchange is not included in Windows 98. If you upgrade a Windows 95 installation in which Microsoft Exchange is installed, Microsoft Exchange is available in Windows 98

I believe you  need exchange to have the internet mail service available for ms postoffice
alanlamAuthor Commented:

1) I have updated to the latest version. No joy. Their site has no info. Also, I can't send from WMS which is wrong in the first place.

2) WMS is Windows Messaging Service/System which is renamed from Exchange. This I believe is necessary for the email to work.


Note that I already have 'Microsoft Mail' under the services.

Under Inbox, when I click Tools/Remote Mail I get an error message "The mail headers cannot be displayed. Internal MAPI error. There is a communication problem between this application and the service provider. Restart the application" Same error message after I restart. Any thoughts on clearing this error message? What should I check?

The postoffice directory is on my pc so I haven't bothered sharing it.
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WMS is Windows Messaging Service/System which is renamed from Exchange
I believe you are mistaken here WMS is the service to allow messages on the LAN, using winpopup and on an NT box net send
I had a similar problem when I found there was a spurious space before the address listed in the POP / SMTP server.

I know a back to basics idea but maybe worth a try!
alanlamAuthor Commented:

I can start up Inbox. Compose new message. I can type in a valid address. When I send, it still comes up with the same error message. Is that what you meant? I'm willing to try anything else.
No, i mean in

Tools > Services > Internet Mail > Properties > Servers > Outgoing/incoming
alanlamAuthor Commented:

Finally fixed the problem.

I have Tools > Services > Microsoft Mail

There is no Internet Mail.

Under Microsoft Mail > Properties I have
Remote configuration, Remote Session, Dial-up Networking, Connection, Logon, Delivery, LAN Configuration, Log

But no Server option. Do you know how I might get internet mail option?

I looked over the following sites again.

For anyone else looking at this thread, on the MS site, IGNORE the statement it is not intended for Win98. That is what put me off the first time I saw it. This time I downloaded it (had to use getright, IE5.5 & OP5.12 kept dropping the connection) and installed it on my Win98Se system. It worked fine.

When I looked in the Services again, there was "Internet Mail".
Under Tools > Services > Internet Mail > Properties  - There was no Servers in my version but I did have Internet Mail Server. So I put in a server name, account name and password. Also in Advanced options, there was an option to redirect all outgoing email here. Useful for me.

So the clarification from alexgreen helped me solve the problem.
alanlamAuthor Commented:
If you had pointed out the links yourself and told me to ignore the fact it not supposed to be installed on Win98 then you would have gotten a higher mark. Also note that in my original question, I did list all my services and it did not include Internet Mail, which would have been a good clue to why things were going wrong. Pointers for getting a higher grade next time :-)

Thanks for your help.
alanlam In the future I suggest you read what is posted more carefully. If you will note from my post of 05/16/2002
"You have to have internet mail as one of the services in order to have the transport."
You might have had this issue solved earlier.
I also looked at your history, and it seems very difficult for an expert to get a good grade from you. This is your choice, but experts do look at this and it will infuence our desire to help in the future. Good luck to you

 alexgreen you may want to partition community support to have this grade looked at
alanlamAuthor Commented:

I totally agree that I missed your point about "internet mail". It was me being a newbie in this area. At the time I didn't know there was a difference between 'Internet Mail' and 'Microsoft Mail'. I thought they were just different names for the same thing and MS changed their names between different releases. Like MS changed the name of Exchange to WMS for the Win9x series which I found somewhere else. I spent a lot of time looking for Exchange for 98 with no success because they all referred to Exchange Server on NT/2000!

The two references you pointed to me to referred to 'Using the Microsoft Exchange Remote Mail Feature' and 'How to Set Up and Administer a Microsoft Mail Post Office'. Neither of which led me to solve the missing 'Internet Mail' option - which you quite right pointed out - but didn't give me any direct idea of solving!

It was only by trying to follow alexgreen suggestion that I figured out something was wrong with the options available. And I went and searched by myself to find the solution.

I don't expect spoon feeding, but for an A grade I would have expected an answer to give the reference for installing 'internet mail' and ignore the fact MS said it was 'not' for Win98. That solved the transport problem for me.

Following your comments I have just looked at 'How do I Know what grade to give'. I didn't know that C meant 'did not address the issue'. I thought C meant average!

So from that point of view, it should definitely be raised to a B. So thanks for pointing that out. I'll see if community support can do that.
By the same measure, flattered though i am that you accepted my rather brief comment, stevenlewis really deserves the points and an A grade, he provided the real answers, i just pointed it out to you.

Can a Moderator gchange this and give the points to stevenlewis instead?  (Moondancer, you're good at this)
We are proud that we never take points away if an experts was awarded with them.
I posted a separate question for stevenlewis at http://www.experts-exchange.com/jsp/qManageQuestion.jsp?ta=win98&qid=20302530

** Mindphaser - Community Support Moderator **
alexgreen You deserve the points too!
Thanks Mindphaser!
steven, I didn't do anything!  I assumed that internet mail was available, you pointed out thata it should be there.  I was thinking that perhaps alanlam had put in a mistaken space before the server name in the pop/smtp server box.  You gave the correct diagnosis for the problem, I missed the fact that alanlam had not got internet mail as a service!
by my argument, you are more deserving of the points than me!
Well the bottom line is the questioner got the help they needed, and I have found it is usually teamwork that accomplishes this goal! Good working with you on this one!
Great job folks! It's a pleasure and a honor to be part of this thread.

I would wish some other people could see how you resolve problems.

** Mindphaser - Community Support Moderator **
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