WinXP: Eject 4mm dat Tape after ntbackup

I tried with   rsm eject /pf"..." /astart
but it doesn't work.
Also modify  HKEY_CURREN_USER\Software\Microsoft\Ntbackup\UserInterfaceat  EjectTapeFlag --> 1   Same story!

Anybody can help me???

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SpideyModConnect With a Mentor Commented:
per recommendation

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Try this and see if this corrects the problem

Start > Run gpedit.msc

Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Local Policies > Security Options.

Right-click Allowed to eject removable......... and press Security. Select:
Administrators - Only administrators can eject removable media.
Administrators and Power Users - Administrators and Power users can eject removable media.
Administrators and Interactive Users - Administrators and Interactive (Standard users) can eject removable media.
This is from the Windows Help about the command lines
Eject command
The media to be ejected can be specified by either the physical-media ID (PMID) or the physical media name.

The syntax of the eject command is as follows:

rsm eject /p[g|f]physical_media_id

physical_media_id specifies the physical media to eject. Either the friendly name or the GUID can be specified.

eject_operation_id specifies the GUID for the particular eject operation. The optional /o switch can be used in conjunction with the /a switch and the stop parameter to terminate a particular eject operation. This can also be used in conjunction with the /a switch and the start parameter to display the GUID of the particular eject operation.

The /a switch is optional, with the default parameter being start. One of the following optional parameters may also be used with the /a switch:

Start starts the eject operation immediately. The media is ejected until a timeout occurs, or unless another eject command is issued with the /a switch and the stop parameter. Such eject commands must also specify the eject operation GUID using the /o switch. The timeout parameter is specified in the library object (for all eject operations) for the library. To set this timeout parameter, you must use the Removable Storage API. Can also be used in conjunction with the /o switch to display the GUID of a particular eject operation.

Stop terminates the eject operation prior to a timeout expiring. The particular eject operation can be determined using the GUID displayed when the start parameter is used with the /a switch and the /o switch.

Queue queues the media for later ejection. This can be used for libraries with multi-slot inject/eject (IE) ports.

The optional /b switch displays only the eject operation GUID for scripting purposes.
Ejectatapi command
Ejects media from an ATAPI changer by specifying the changer number. You should manually stop the Ntmssvc service before issuing this command.

The syntax of the ejectatapi command is as follows:

rsm ejectatapi /natapi_changer_number

atapi_changer_number is the numeral found at the end of the string for the device name of the changer. For example, \\.\CdChanger0 has 0 as the ATAPI changer number.
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Also see if the permissions are set

Start > Run compmgmt.msc

Right Click on Computer Management (Local) > Storage > Removable Storage and select "Properties" and then click on the "Security Tab".
oinosAuthor Commented:
Sorry CrazyOne but all settings seems ok... perhaps I wrong something in the parameter "physical_media_id" of the "rsm eject /p.." command. I see my tape device as \\.\Tape0 but I also tried the media name (tape label): in both case no success!
Hmmm not sure what to tell you other then something I read looking into this mentioned that the media drive had to support this method of ejecting. In other words the drive has to have some coding in its electronics that understands the command that is being sent. Not sure if that is relevant in your case or not.
c:\winnt\system32\ntbackup.exe eject

From: AvonWyss   Date: 01/31/2002 12:37PM PST Eject tape eject
               Maybe you've already read this KB article, but it has a sample batch file for automated backup which     also uses "RSM eject":

I hope this helps !
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