I wrote a Windows Service using C#. Will it run on Windows NT Server if I install the .NET framework? I read on the microsoft website that asp.net will only run on 2000 and later servers does this same restriction hold true for actual applications?
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DanRollinsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Is .NET is incompatible with NT4?  I don't know, but I would not be surprised.  MS has no incentive to retrograde test the dotnet platform with old versions of its operating system.

Here's my advice (you don't want to hear it):  Have your friend switch to Win2K or rewrite your service so that it does not use .NET

However, I would do a sanity check:  Did the service get registered correctly?  Has your friend installed it correctly?  Is it listed in the Service Control Panel?  Isn't there some indication that your service is running?... put up a MessageBox for testing purposes.

-- Dan
You better use VC++ 6. C#.NET is nothing but a half-compiler, just like Visual Basic compiler or java compiler. With .NET you are gonna be on MS mercy forever.

At least unmanaged c++ is a little bit promising.
>>With .NET you are gonna be on MS mercy forever.
LOL.  Like there is some chance that a System Service written for Windows would have some use on a platform other than one created by Microsoft.

>>Will it run on Windows NT Server if I install the .NET framework?

I don't know.  Wouldn't it be easy enough to find out?  I know that a regular c# program will work... why not a System Service?

-- Dan
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arcarsonAuthor Commented:

Thanks Here's my problem. I have a friend that needed me to write a Windows Service. He said that he was on a 2000 Network. I wrote the service and yes it does work on a Windows 2000 Machine but when he tried to put it on his Live environment it didn't go. But it didn't add any errors to the Event Log either.

He never told me that his live environment was NT 4. I told him to install the .NET redistributable dotnetfx.exe
but it still did not work. Any Ideas.

The service uses ADO.NET, writes to the event log on success and if an exception occurs. So we should have some indication of it running. But's it's not doing anything.

I'm raising the points of this question up to 200.
.Net is not compatible with NT4. Like Rollins said have your friend switch to Win2K or later or you can rewrite the service in c++.

My 2 cents...
According to this Microsoft article, it *should* be OK (there is no reference here to any exceptions for system services):


You should check out the stuff about the data access components... it says something that implies a silent failure there...
arcarsonAuthor Commented:
We could never get this to work on NT 4 so he upgraded and it works fine. Sorry it took so long to award the points. I been kindof slammed on another project.

Thanks for the help.
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