Sony Vaio FX105K - Windows 2000 (My laptop is ill !)

I have a Sony PCG-FX150K which started to become a bit problematic a few months ago but did not have a recovery disk. A guy I work with said he could repair it and duly reinstalled Windows 2000 but a non-Sony version. Subsequently, every program does not work and when I installed the modem driver, the OS is slow and a driver installation takes around 30 mins.

I have managed to get hold of a PCG-FX203K recovery disk but the system will not use it as it returns an error at boot-up 'This program cannot be used with this system).

I assume that is because the non-Sony OS installation has amended the laptop to read as non-Sony. I can get all the drivers from the disks but how can I repair my 2000 installation without formnatting my C:\ drive ?

This laptop was given as part of a redundancy package so I do not have the disks or the Proof of purchase. As such, Sony refuse to send me new disks.

Can anyone help ?


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Without reformatting?  Not likely!!
You should be able to put the proper restore CD in the drive and reboot the computer.  It will then ask you if you want to format the drive and do a complete restore.  That is the route you should take.
A restore disk will return the computer to the same state it was when it came from the factory.  Maybe you just need to find the RIGHT restore disk.  Can the previous owners get it for you?
oneinarowAuthor Commented:

Can you edit the registry to make the disk believe that it is a Sony Windows 2000 Install ?

What is a PCI device ?

You give me a C because I didn't give you the answer you hoped to hear and then expect more help?  Why the C?
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oneinarowAuthor Commented:

I gave you an average I believe because if this stuff is your bag then it an average answer. I was more than happy with your answer.If you do not wish to answer any further questions then fine, you shouldn't have bothered in the first place if that's what it is all about.
oneinarow A little advice for you  checked your record, 2 questions asked 2 grades given C,C
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oneinarowAuthor Commented:
Fair enough Slink, I take your comments on board.

Thansk for the help.
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