How to delay Computer Locked Screen?

Hi All. As all of you know, if you leave the Win NT or 2000 machine idle for 15 minutes it will be locked automatically. Is there anyway to delay or remove this feature in Win 2000/NT.
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mrwolfConnect With a Mentor Commented:
console>add/remove snapins
add these 2 "security configuration & analysis" & "the security templates snapin"
u need both so u can apply/test alterations

now the changes you need to make are either in the account policies section or in local policies /security options section of the template. I do however adivse you to read up a little at least before you start to get creative with the sec templates as it can cause you big headaches if you get lost. It is however alot easier then poledit (barf)....hope this helps ( sorry i dont have time to give you the exact steps due to time constraints)...

btw once both snapins are loaded choose the basicwk for basic workstation or basicsvr for basic server & so on , from the security templates section...there are specific templates for things such as DNS or other basic system setups , theres like basic intermediate or high secure, i prefer the NSA guidlines perosnlly...when u load a template from that snapin , its gets loaded into the 2nd snapins , the config one , thats where you make the changes you want then test , it comes up with a mark next to every entry after u run it to signafy the changes made ...;EN-US;q216735

Ok some of these links actually point to the XP part of technet but its a nt5.1 kernal so its all bascily the same...
good luck & use the force luke ;P
Yes, you can control this through the Power Management sheme on the computer.

1.) Right-click on the desktop and choose properties.
2.) Choose the screen-saver tab.
3.) Hit the Power button down at the bottom.
4.) Adjust the settings as needed.

Pretty easy huh?

firas_sAuthor Commented:
You are right, it's PRETTY EASY if I was looking for how to adjust Power Scheme & Turn off (Monitor/Hard disk) after certain time.
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firas_sAuthor Commented:
Anyone have clues?
This is usually just the screen saver. You can disable the screen saver lock by right-clicking on the desktop and choosing properties. Then click on the Screen saver tab and uncheck "Password Protected" or disable the screen saver completely.
if you mean locked as in locked out ( not a screen saver password) in win2k , its a security policy option, it needs to be either modified for duration or turned off all together ..mmc based security template option in account policies section.....hmmm or in local policies /security options , theres 2 entries there 1 for local & the other for network .
firas, Is the screen-saver lockout what you are looking for?

Let us know what you found..
firas_sAuthor Commented:
Jmiller47, I'm looking exactly for what Mrwolf talking about. Mrworlf, where can I go for MMC Based Security Template ??? Please give me the steps.
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