SCSI CD-ROM no longer found

Adaptec 29160N Adapter no longer loads the Toshiba SCSI CD-ROM drive, and can't get Windows 98 SE to find it either.  Rebooted in SAFE MODE, CD-ROM shown in device manager, but not in normal mode.  Have tried everything, took the speed down in the Adaptec utilities to 5 MB transfer rate, all settings correct, but the CD-ROM just no longer functions.  Quite suddenly.

Comments welcome with ideas.  

If it looks like I have to replace the old Toshiba SCSI CD-ROM, also looking for a good idea on a CD-ROM and CD-Writer combo that is scsi based and compatible with Windows XP Pro since I'll probably upgrade from Windows 98 SE at the same time.

Really strange how it suddenly just disappeared without warning.

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Asta CuAsked:
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SysExpertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It does sound like a hardware problem.
I had my Toshiba SCSI CDROM Drive die recently also.

I replaced it with IDE and also bought a CDRW IDE for about $70 ( 16x10x40 ).
All the rest is SCSI.

No problems burning CD's since the HD is SCSI.

Also Plextor supposedly has the best drives available.

I hope this helps !
WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
Asta CuAuthor Commented:
Yes, I did post this twice; once in W98 and once here, looking for various responses.  Appreciate your help here as well.

Since I've always been a SCSI kind of gal, I prefer to stay with SCSI where I can; and will check out the Plextor options shortly.  If I didn't have this horrendous sound eminating when the two SCSI HDs were being accessed at the same time I was accessing the BIOS, I wouldn't feel as freaked as I do.  One HD is an IBM Drive and I'm fairly confident that one is fine, but the other one may be on its way out.... hmmm nothing like EVERYTHING hitting at once.

More when I have time to take it apart this weekend.

":0) Asta
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I would download diagnostics from the drive manufacturer to check the drives out.
If less then 3 years old, you should be able to get an RMA if they are faulty.

Good Luck !
Asta CuAuthor Commented:
Thanks, a bunch.  The Drive is beyond warranty period, unfortunately.  In fact, the model that it is was NEVER found on any of the Toshiba sites, strange as it is.

I've ordered the Plextor 1210TS, along with Windows XP Home edition for the backup system and Windows XP Pro for the production system; which I plan to connect with a Linksys BEFVP41 Router so I can enjoy the ADSL connection and file sharing between both systems soon.  I hope I haven't made an error in judgment here.  I never have time for my own systems and doing things in a methodical way, I'm always running against the wind and force-feeding things (so to speak).  Sure hope it all works out for me.

Thanks again, I'll return to this question this weekend and finalize it.  If you have any thoughts on my insanity here, let me know.  I've been upgrading for years and have not done what I tell others to do, FDISK and start clean, but just can't do it with the workload I have, so hope it all goes well.  Both are upgrades.

Crossing fingers.

":0) Asta
The new hardware is good quality. I think you'll be very happy with both the CD-RW and the Router. If you don't own burning software, you may want to invest in some. The software that ships with the Plextor drives leaves quite a bit to be desired.
I know you are old school but the performance difference between an IDE and a SCSI drive has really narrowed, and I would not be afraid to say it is possible the new ATA100 or ATA133 outperform your current setup and cost much less also.
I admit the SCSI still is the fastest but at a cost too, both in price and setup headaches too.

does the scsi controller show ok with no problems in the control panel... possible that drivers got ate?
Asta CuAuthor Commented:
Howdy.  Well the order hasn't yet arrived, so I'm in "hold mode"....

You're right about all of that, Ray, but SCSI choice for me is purely to keep IRQ flexibility since I'm always swapping internal stuff for video capture/editing and lots of $s invested in HW and SW that keeps me in the SCSI mode where I can have the choice.  If/when my crazy life gets to be a bit more like "normal", I'll definitely rethink things.  SCSI investments are significant, and here's just one more.... ROFL, but I appreciate the info.

SCSI controller is fine, everything works well, tests OK no probs anywhere just the CD-ROM and I'm convinced it just kicked the bucket, so to speak.  But Monday or so when the Plextor arrives, I'll know more.

Hope I don't lose my sanity trying to upgrade both systems to WindowsXP and all the other network and HW changes planned for next week.

I'll check back tomorrow and see what's new here and close this puppy (God willing).

":0) Asta
Per your request, Asta, I have changed the value here so you can do point splits.
Moondancer - EE Moderator
Asta CuAuthor Commented:
Points for jlauster ->
Thanks for that information.  The drive hasn't yet arrived, nor the software, but did order Roxio's Direct CD package Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum, has good press and hope it serves all my needs.

":0) Asta
Asta CuAuthor Commented:
Well, here I am, an update.  Will be installing the router tomorrow (assuming the soundcard arrives today, and XP is installed without a hitch).

Encountered new problems with WindowsXP and FrontPage 2000, and a new Q here and in FrontPage, if you're interested.

":0) Asta (still smiling)
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