Can Distribution lists and servers be friendly????

My company wants me to upload different distribution lists grouped by our different clients on to our public server.....That way anyone in the company can get on and click on the group they need and email that particular client.   The problem is that when people click on the distribution list that they need, it makes them save it to there computer before they can send the email.... Is there anyway to be able to send an email straight from the servers saved distribution list without having to save it to your computer?  If that’s not even possible, than tell me if it would be possible to set up Outlook so that it wouldn't duplicate the distribution list in contacts every time it prompted you to save the list before being able to email......Can anyone help me..... My company is really pressing me and I can't figure it out. Thanks in advance!
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What mail server are you using?  (Might help the group give suggestions on what options are open to you.)
bheyse11Author Commented:
our server is an IBM microsoft network......our mail server is incoming, and outgoing......does this answer your question.... I'm sorry I can't give you more info. i'm new in this company and I'm still learning their system....if there's anything else I can find out for you, just let me know, I appreciate any help i can get!!
Do you know what type of mail server software they are running?  (eg. Is it Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, Groupwise, .etc)
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bheyse11Author Commented:
I'm sorry, I guess I didn't understand your question...(I'm a bit slow in the mornings!)... We don't use any mail server software, everyone is just using their prefered type of email program (most of us use Outlook).  We are all networked together though... which is where my problem comes into play.  How can I store Outlook distribution lists (DL) in an Outlook format onto our public server that would allow any one to click on it and send an email to that DL through their own email program without being required to save it onto their hard drive. Also a problem is, that when Outlook makes you save the DL before sending it out, it duplicates that list in your personal contacts list every time you click on the saved DL from the public network....Does that clear everything up, or am i still not making sense...(I need more coffee... it's too early!)Thanks again for all the help!
still a little confusing.  More or less, I need to know what type of mail server software is providing your company public folders.  The reason why is if you are just creating dls in a personal folder (pst) then they really can't be shared.

perhaps if you look at it will help.  Outside of that, the group would really need to know what type of server software is providing service to its clients, until that is supplied all comments are just guesses.

bheyse11Author Commented:
Our public folders are simply supplied through our networked computers connected to a local server.  There is no mail server software... in fact; the company put me in charge of figuring this out because they don't want to have to purchase Microsoft Exchange. On our network neighborhood I set up a database folder in which I saved DLs... to do this I first created the DL in Outlook, than selected "save as" and saved the file as an Outlook template instead of a RTF format.... than browsed over to the folder I had created and saved it on the server.  From here I am able to access the DL form any computer hooked up to our server... I can open it up and actually see all the emails in the DL...but if I try to send a message from that screen I get a message pop-up saying, "This DL must be saved before a message can be sent to it. Would you like to save this DL now?". If I select save I can send the message fine... but this defeats the purpose of what I’m doing, I want to be able to store the DLs ONLY on the public server and not to everyone’s personal hard drive.  The second problem involved with this, is that when you do save...even if that particular DL your trying to send form the public server is saved on your computer... when selected from the public folder... it always makes you save... and when you do (since you must to send it) It duplicates it in your personal contacts list on your computer.... If either of these problems could be fixed we would be ok... but can it be done... or do we need to have Microsoft Exchange ECT.  If so... what do you suggest, and just what are the capabilities of that program in doing what I need???? Sorry about all the confusion... I hope I made things more clear... Again I appreciate all your help... thanks a bunch!!!
i'm up to speed now... try taking a look at:

this pages have some good links to vendors that try to help with peer to peer sharing of data or possible give you an idea that will fit in with your network.

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