DDEML.DLL error on startup

I've read the MS fix for this and have done it numerous times.  Extracted the file and deleted the sysbackup to try to remove any old reference.  Both the "old" DLL and the "new" one are the same and have searched for any other that may be causing the error.  Sometimes it takes but others (like when rebooting from a hang) brings it back.  Also the error comes up twice, once after the other.

Is there a reference in the REG. that I can remove to eliminate this?
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I presume you are talking about the following MS KB article?


Did you try both methods 1 and 2, which failed to work? How about this part of the article, at the bottom:

If the two methods listed earlier in this article do not resolve the issue, use the following steps.

NOTE : It is important to perform the steps listed in this section only after you have tried methods 1 and 2.
Register the Ddeml.dll file (or whichever file is listed in the error message) in the system registry. To do so:

Click Start , and then click Run .

In the Open box, type the following command, and then press ENTER:

regsvr32 c:\windows\system\ddeml.dll
At this point, you should receive a message confirming that the registration process was successful.

Restart your computer.

If the file will not register with the Regsvr32 line:

Verify that the correct version of the file is located in the Windows\System and Windows\Sysbckup folders. Then, delete the Ddeml.dll (or whichever file is listed in the error message) value from the following registry key:
Then, re-create the value without populating the value data and restart the computer.

The file information for the Ddeml.dll file varies based on the operating system you are using:

Windows 95 (Retail release): 32,240 bytes 07/11/95 09:50a

Windows 95 OSR2 : 32,240 bytes 08/24/96 11:11a

Windows 98 : 32,240 bytes 05/11/98 08:01p

Windows 98 Second Edition : 32,240 bytes 04-23-99 10:22p
And, in case you are not that familiar with the Registry, I should mention that the MS article above doesn't quote the exact name of the key you will find when you start Regedit, for "HKLM" should be replaced by "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE".
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hardlockAuthor Commented:
Yes, that's the one.  I didn't see the bottom however.

 I tried to run "regsvr32 c:\windows\system\ddeml.dll" as instructed and got a "LoadLibrary(run line) failed. GetLastError returns 0x0000001f

should I shine it and continue as directed?  I may have gotten it because I already deleted the systembackup copy of it maybe?

From the following MS KB article, you can find a description of the usage of REGSVR32 and the error messages it generates:

Q249873  Explanation of Regsvr32 Usage and Error Messages

Here is a description of error code 1F:

From Winerror.h, 0x000001f = 31 (ERROR_GEN_FAILURE), which means "A device attached to the system is not functioning." This behavior can occur if you try to register a Win16 .dll file. For example, typing regsvr32 dskmaint.dll returns this error message.

Not sure what that means.  But I suggest that you compare your version of DDEML.DLL with the ones mentioned in the article, depending on your version of Win98, and then, as you put it, "shine it and continue as directed."
Say, Pleasenospam, I have now seen two questions I am commenting on with your comment being only a question mark. What is this, your way of "pinging"?  Just curious.
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hardlockAuthor Commented:
OK, I edited the reg.  Also for GP did a cleanup with regclean2.  It took out a bunch of junk as well.

The version I have is the latest.

Seems like it's working now so I'll close the thread.

Thanks all
Glad to be of help, hardlock.
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