IBM 40GB harddrive problem

Building a system with an ECS MB P41.6g 256mb and a 40gb IBM drive.  When I first got everything assembled and tried to fire it up, the fans started for a split second then everything stopped.  I know sounds almost like the processor.  So I started unhooking things one by one and have determined that when the hd is connected to a power lead it kills the system.  If I leave the hd disconnected I can boot to either the floppy or cd-rom.  

I don't believe it's the IDE as I tried a smaller WD drive and had no problem.  Used the same power lead also.  

This drive is configured as primary master and has the 32bit clip on.  Not exactly sure if it's needed, but didn't make a difference with it on or off.

Any ideas?
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WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
32bit clip on?  what is that....I have not heard of anything like that before...but that is me...
Could possibly be a bad hard drive?  I would suggest trying it on another system just in case?  And if it is bad RMA it to IBM...or return it where you got it.
Sounds like the PSU is folding when the HD is connected to power. Try to get a new HD if the warranty is still valid. If you have a spare PSU you could see if the drive spins up at all, if you're interested, but I'd recommend not trying it more than absolutely necessary when hooked up to the system.

As the power connectors are keyed, putting them in backwards shouldn't be possible. Verify that this isn't happening anyway...


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WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
Another thing to try, along the same lines as what rid is saying, (Hi RID!) is to try a different Power connector, or and see if maybe the power connector is bad or shorting somewhere?
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One thought is to plug power to the drive but do not put the ide cable on.  Turn on the system and see if it works and listen/feel if the drive is spinning up.

If the drive spins up then you need to be looking at the cable connection.  If this is one of the newer drives that comes with the 80line IDE cable make sure you are following the instructions for which connectors where as stated in the istruction manual.

If your using an old cable make sure it is well seated to the board, and look and feel along the lines to make sure it has not been nicked.   Or try a different known good cable.

Also make sure that you have the cable oriented properly so that the edge with the line is connecting to pin 1.  While most drives/cables prevent you from orienting wrong there are some that are not keyed and you can get them backwards.
I would drag around the shop, and come up with an old drive of sorts, hook that booger up see if it duplicates the problem
michaelmc050199Author Commented:
Im guessing that it's a bad drive.  Bought a 40gb WD today and hooked it up to the same power lead works no problem.

I had been testing the IBM without the data cable attached and it still caused the machine to halt.

Thanks for all of the responses.

michaelmc050199Author Commented:
Good enough.   Probably right on the money.  PSU
WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:

I thought I mentioned a bad HD first?  When Rid said PSU, he was talking about the Case Powersupply Unit.  If that was not the defective product and the drive was, then I was correct.  Anyway just thought I'd point that out....Good job rid if you were correct...and good job even if you weren't!

From: Wakeup  Date: 05/18/2002 01:23PM PST  
From: rid  Date: 05/18/2002 01:26PM PST  
Wakeup, I think you're the one who should be rewarded, as you were first in mentioning a bad drive. Since a WD drive can use the power connector OK, the problem is very likely with the IBM. I was talking about the case power supply, as the symptoms suggested an overload/shutdown situation, caused by the IBM hard drive.

I suggest this be brought to the attention of Mods for putting right.

michaelmc050199Author Commented:
If you guys feel like the points should be allocated differently that's fine.  I thought you meant a PSU on the HD.

I'm just satisfied that the question was responded to in a rapid manner and the problem was not any more severe than it was.  

rid, if you want, contact a mod and split the points with Wakeup.  I think that both of you validated what I was leaning towards in the original post.

Thank for the help.
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