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how can i turn a normal image into a 3D Max image that i can work with. ex: i have a picture of a knife that i want to turn into a "3D model" Let me know if this is vague...
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weedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
2D is 2D and 3D is 3D. 2 dimensional photographs dont have nearly enough information in them to create a 3D model. This was attempted with Carerra but only worked with square buildings, not complex shapes like a knife. As far as your computer knows your photo of a knife is just a bunch of random pixels. It's your perception of that object that gives it meaning. In other words, your computer doesnt even know its a knife. Therefore it's impossible for it to take that information and make a 3D model of a knife. You'll have to model it by hand.
frosty5656Author Commented:
what is the best way to model something by hand? i have done this before by useing the simple line tool, but it was very time consuming. is there a faster way?
I'm not especially familiar with 3DSM but if its manual is anything like Lightwave's It should contain tutorials for basic modeling.
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excessConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Not sure if I can help either but here is a link to some excellent Tutorials ..



khowajarizwanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
hope you can use Adobe photoshop or Adobe illustrator, if you know any of these two software.Simply make outline selection of knife and convert selection into path, then export your path file to AI(adobe illustrator) file.

Open up your max import you AI file and extrude it.

After extruding map the same image onto model,
This is what i do for simple modeling.

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frosty5656Author Commented:
thanks for the comments, i will let you know how its going after i try a couple of ideas.
Sorry for that it was by mistake.
ninjadeathtouchConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well one way...

What you _do_ need is a photo of the knife from the top, left and front angles.  If you have the knife, then measure it's dimensions to get the proportions right.

I recommend placing a ruler next to the photos to give a reference to the scale in all views.

Once you have this -
Use the 3 images as background images in the respective viewports and then..

Switch to the front view and trace the knife handle (choose the largest bit or the handle profile) - this should be a simple oval shape or rectangle (or close to it).

name this as shpHandle.

Then trace the base of the blade part in the same view.

name this shpBlade.

switch to the left view, select shpHandle, move it to the base of the handle and extrude this along the length of the handle. Choose as few extrude steps as possible.

then select shpBlade, move it to the base of the blade and extrude it along the length of the blade.

zoom in and place them side by side, then choose create object->Compound Objects->Boolean.  Join the two objects together, and then apply edit-mesh to it.

Now is the fun part(!), now you have to zoom in and edit the vertices to follow the photo one by one.  It takes a while - I recommend applying a 20/30% opacity material to the shape - so you can see all the points easily.

This should do it - but it's a pain depending on the complexity of the model.

Another way...
If you are still having problems..

send the photo to me! - I'll model it for free, obviously time will depend on complexity...
I havn't done any 3ds stuff for what seems like ages (programming mostly) - so I'd enjoy it! :


Specify size, vertex constraints, material constraints and final format (3ds version)

Hope that helps..
Here is a simpe suggestion:

If U want to be able to work on 3D-objects, get an application designed to do just this. A very simple and easy-to-use one is Solidworks. Here U can design the objects U need, and also render a picture of it using the additional Photoworks. U can also import the created object in an application specialized for image- and animation creation, like 3D-studio...

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