ip address from an email address

does any one know how to get an ip from an e-mail address i know it can be done!
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I mean that the ONLY server you know about is "aol.com" and "freeserve.com"

You CANNOT get an IP for a specific e-mail address unless the server tells you the user's IP. In the case of AOL this WOULD (technically) be possible, but I don't think they'd do it because many users consider that a lack of security / privacy (after all, you can start all kinds of attacks if you know someone's IP).

If you have an e-mail-address like MisterX@hotmail.com or yahoo.com or whatever, there's no way they can even know the user's IP-address...

Just think about it and believe it...
I doubt .
Which IP-address do you want to get? The user's? (I mean the guy who own the e-mail address)

That is not possible. At most, you can get the IP for the e-mail server that's responsible for an address.

If somebody has surprised you by knowing your IP from an e-mail: Many many times, you can see the sender's IP-address from an e-mail.
I mean: an actual e-mail which you sent to somebody. The IP "can" be contained in the header.

Please let us know what you want and how you know that it is possible :-))

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mgazzaAuthor Commented:
i want to get the ip from an email address i put in eg;
input me@me.me output 214.567.56.865 so i can tell if my friends are online i know it can be done Because msn messenger does it and i rember seeing an artical about it some where !
I don't know how MSN-messenger works but it MAY have some access to server-side data (i.e. information provided by the Internet provider (MSN?))

Here's a VERY simple reason why this CANNOT work in general and for arbitrary e-mail adresses:

I have just ONE e-mail address, but a different IP every day. Now if you say the e-mail provider should know: No way, they don't even know if I'm online.

Stuff like that can only work for e-mail addresses maintained by the internet providers, but never for stuff like POP3-servers or webmail...
mgazzaAuthor Commented:
so do you mean that if i get the ip from some1 called me@aol.com or me@freeserve.com the ip wont change?
mgazzaAuthor Commented:
ok thanks 4 your time
mgazzaAuthor Commented:
i know now how to instant messaging and the online detection thing works your computer uses a function and a server called ICQ or 'I Seek You' look at this page for more info
Eddie ShipmanAll-around developerCommented:
  The way the messenger clients do it is that they check the messenger server to determine
if the user is logged in and reads the logged-in IP address from the messenger server's
database. They only use the email address to determine the user.
mgazzaAuthor Commented:
 thanks man i though it could b done like that this question was posted along time ago i have since made a chat app and when i get round to it ill make a thing that loads a data bace from my ftp server :D
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