out of stack space

This is a repetitive question, but still im not able to solve. I get run time error 28, out of stack space.
The solution is remove recursive loops. I have lot of small functions, i dont know exactly where the error occurs. Its does'nt show the line numbers.. How can i trace the line number in dll
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I would propose a small improvement rspahitz's idea:

' In your code
   On Error GoTo 0 ' Allow to crash when debugging
   On Error Goto ErrorTrap
End If

' now perform your tasks.....

  ErrNum = Err.Number
  ErrDesc = Err.Description
  ErrLine = Erl
  IF GF.IDE Then
      On Error GoTo 0 ' Allow to crash when debugging using the IDE
     On error resume next ' Stop looping back to ErrorTrap
  End If

now handle fault etc......


Create a class module named zGF. Place all your handy subs and functions in the module. (You may already do this.)

In you app. create a module and include:

Global GF as New zGF

Now if you type "GF." you get a list of your handy functions

==========Here is the code for the zGF module

Option Explicit

Dim mIDEDone As Boolean
Dim mIDE As Boolean

Public Function IDE() As Boolean

' Returns True if running in debug (IDE) mode
'         False if running in an EXE

' If ADO.IDE Then Stop

If Not mIDEDone Then ' See below
'To make this function work you need the following in your
' class declarations:
'Dim mIDEDone As Boolean
'Dim mIDE As Boolean

    ' just do this first time round then store the result
    On Error Resume Next
    Debug.Print 1 / 0
    If Err.Number <> 0 Then
        mIDE = True
        mIDE = False
    End If
    mIDEDone = True
End If


End Function
You can add line numbers if you want, since they are still supported, but simply deprecated and probably removed in .NET.


Private sub TestLineNumbers()
  dim somevar as integer
  dim anothervar as string

  on error goto TestLineNumbers_Err

  do while not eof(1)
    line input #1, dataline

  for i=1 to len(dataline)
    temp = mid$(dataline,i,1)
    if temp = "a" then
50      debug.print "A"
60      debug.print temp
  next i
  exit sub
  msgbox "Error occured somewhere after line " & erl
end sub

The line numbers can be placed before anyline, either on their own, or as a prefix to a line, and they can range from 1 to 32767.
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When you get the error, can you use the view call stack option to see what happened?
You can also get out of stack space if you use Gosub like:


'do some code

Gosub MyStrangeLoop

' never gets here
' do some more


DLL's are hard to debug, especially when running on a web-server, you don't get to see the error message so you must never allow the software to crash.

I always dump all errors into a log file formatted with HTML and get the error logging routine to send me an e-mail message with the error detail.  The idea is that you can repair the fault before the boss finds out. Also its important to log the user ID so you know who to apologize to.

adg's idea is good for debug mode but in a live environment it won't help.

At the start of all Subs and functions you can place code like.

Function MyFunction()
Dim Stage as Long
IF LE Then Arriving "MyFunction"

Stage = 1000

' do some code

Stage = 1010

If TimeToQuit Then
   If LE Then Leaving ' always call before exit
   Exit Function
End if

Stage = 1020

If LE Then Leaving ' always call before exit

End Function

You can use an INI file switch to set LE = True if you require application debugging. The Arriving sub adds the sub name to a global stock of subs and Leaving reduces the stack by 1.  The advantage of this is tha you can call a global error handle which records all of the details of any errors and sends you an email.

HandleError "Stage:"+cstr(Stage)+ " - " + ErrDesc + " ~ "+SQL ' etc

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Second, im not able to increase my points, eventhough i closed all questions..by accepting an answer.

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