Counter-Strike Training?

I know Counter-Strike has been out for years now, but I am only just now getting into it. The only problem is, most people who still play have been playing for years and are really good. And so when I come up against these people, I often end up losing.
So I was just wondering if anybody happened to know of a good server or site that's designed to help train people to play well. Or even just a group of people learning together.
Jan LouwerensSoftware EngineerAsked:
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Millie4LifeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you connect to and play there, there is often people who are willing to show you some ropes such as the best places to go on maps and some strategies involving RUSHING and CAMPING.

Me and my clan [P.O.D.](Path of Destruction, the #2 clan on that server, you can check the stats) play there all the time. Unfortunantly, we don't get to play A LOT. But there are always a few others who play there that I am sure could show you some things.

The best thing I can tell you is to play on a public LAN with a good connection (such as a DreamMachine or local LAN party service) with some good friends. That way they can show you things first hand.

It't not really that hard to catch on to maps and strategies if you play enough (or are use to First Person Shooters like me). Pretty soon you will have systems for certain maps and weapons.

One thing I can say to start you off, get used to playing either Counter-Terrorist or Terrorist on certain maps and stick to that side for that map always. At least thats what I like to do.

Also, find your style of weapon you are best with and stick with it. Some people are VERY VERY VERY good with Sniping guns such as the Scout and AWP. Me, I am good with all, but primarly stick with the SIG or AUG or even now and then the M4 Carbine. Although it seems more than often I use the MP5 cause its good when you are low on cash.

Get used to WALKING and CROUCHING rather than running all the time. If you RUN all the time, people will hear you coming.

And another BIG BIG BIG thing to remember is (although in version 1.4 spraying works better) try to nto spray all the time. Click the fire button over and over rather than holding it down (it increased your accuracy if you click rather than hold down).

Hope that helps. Oh, one more thing... have fun and remember its only a game. I hate people who get ticke doff when you kill them over and over and start yelling HACKER or NEWBY just cause I owned their arse ;-)
If you want BOTS, try going to (or it might be You can get the REAL bot or the Android bot there. I like them. They are easy to control and setup. If you need help with them, I can help as well.

Some people say the POD bots are the best too.

But nothing can account for the human factor. You really need to play with some experienced friends so you can communicate with each other better. Its a bit hard for someone on the LAN to help you if they aren't there.

Remember to aim for head shots. Sometimes in the heat of battle, you can forget to aim higher for the head. Head shots are instant kills. Just the other day I rampaged through DUST_2 with the USP and got 4 out of 5 of my kills in that one round with headshots.
Bots aren't bad training, but they are predictable.  Too  predictable for my taste.  I've been playing for about 6 months and people still call me a newb.  If you're just now starting out, I'd advise staying away from clan games.  Clans tend to recruit the best players.  Playing against them will most likely only get you frustrated.  

Aiming for the head is good, but not a key to winning, especially if you're new to the game.  Most likely you will miss and die trying.  I'd say people who "own" are not really that great of shots, they simply figure out where people go and then flank them to pick them off from behind.  Its easier to survive if you're shooting somebody in the back.  It may not seem "honorable" but trust me, everyone will love to shoot YOU in the back, so don't be afraid to do it to others.

Best thing to do, from my experience, is to stay with the crowd at the beggining and then split up but stay near your squad.  The opposition will center their fire on the crowd, meanwhile you can get easier kills but firing from somewhere else.  They may not even see you.  Again surprise attack work best.

Do not camp.  No matter how tempting it may be, it will most likely get you killed.  Being on the move is much more likely to keep you alive.

Weapon choices are crutial.  Most experience players use MP5, AK47, or M4A1.  In my opinion MP5 is the best weapon in the game.  Though its hard to use long range.  In mid to close range it will outgun anything.  

And finally: just keep playing.  After playing for 6 months I'm to a point where I can be the top player on a server, even on a 56K.  Sometimes I go 30-5, sometimes I go 5-30.  It all depends on luck, and other people you're playing with.  Just keep playing, don't get frustrated.  You'll get better eventually.  

And remember, its just a game.
Jan LouwerensSoftware EngineerAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Millie4Life and Serg, for your comments. In the past month, I have actually improved much more than I even thought I would. I suppose I just needed a little experience in the game. My aim is still pretty horrible, so in an open field firefight I will still lose most of the time. However, my strategies and tactics have greatly improved, and I can often outthink and outposition the enemies.
I actually have joined a clan (so much for your theory about them recruiting the best players! haha), and playing with them has taught me LOADS about teamwork. I enjoy the teamwork play MUCH more than deathmatch-like pub-server play. (I think that was the original idea behind the game in the first place). I have definitely noticed that if I play on a team that works together as a team with good communication, I usually do very well. However, when the team just scatters and tries to up their frag scores, I usually do very poorly.
Jan LouwerensSoftware EngineerAuthor Commented:
SInce you both provided some good, useful information, I will award points to both of you.
Serg, look for another question in this Topic Area for your points.
Thanks you both!
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