Floppy drive read/write problems

On Win95c copying files to a fresh floppy disk, first time is fine. However subsequent attempts using the same disk result in 'not formatted' messages, or 'cannot read from device' messages.
From that point forward, the floppy disk is useless.

Once this stage has been reached, trying to read the disk in other computers yields the same results.
Given that I need about 500kb of files off it, this is somewhat annoying..

The drive has been replaced with a new one - no change - and it has no modem, so viruses are unlikely.
I tried to virus scan a disk using Housecall, but it came out clean (though I wonder whether in fact it was read at all).

Any ideas?
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c661jmbConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check the cable. does the cable go to an onboard FDD controller or is it an addon card?

Floppies do fail and are probably the most unreliable medium to store data on. I had a customer who kept his disks on top of his sub woofer, then wondered why the were duff!!

Have you gone into safe mode (F8 while booting) and removed the floppy and let it redetect?  That may help.
It is possible that the drive you replaced it with is also defective.  Replace it with a known working drive and see if the problem disappears.  It sounds like the disk change functionality is gone out on this one.
I agree that floppies are problematic.

Can you read the data on another drive ?

I would format diskettes on the new drive and see if they work OK.

I hope this helps !
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JohnDeckerAuthor Commented:
I'll try your suggestions and get back to you asap - at the moment we're in the middle of a lightning storm, so I'm off soon!

SysExpert: if I use a fresh floppy on one of my own computers, no problem. If I then use it in the customer's computer ti will work forst time and then fail. Transferring it back to my computer will not solve anything - the error messages come up whichever computer it is used in.

c661jmb: The cable should not be a problem - I have changed it with a known working one. It is an onboard controller. I will retry everything though and confirm.

slink9: I'll get back to you asap.

It seems strange that they are ok for an initial usage - anyone heard of any viruses that will do this. I did come across a computer with a boot sector virus that transferred between floppy and hdd with similar results, but having tansferred the rogue fdd into my own computer with no joy I then did a full scan which revealed no viruses.

Thanks for your prompt replies guys. And girls?
Put a known working floppy in (first time so that it can be read) and go to http://housecall.antivirus.com and do a scan.  It is always up-to-date and free.  If there is a virus present it should find it.
Have you tried cleaning the drive?  This is a stretch since it still happens with another drive but is worth a shot.
What happens if you format the floppy on the clients computer ?
Is it able to store data ?

It sounds to me like you may have a bad floppy drive or controller.
It could also be simply misalligned.

I hope this helps !
That would be my first guess, and that of the poster, I believe.  The drive and cable were swapped for another with the same results.  The controller is a good thought.  Can you disable the floppy and put in an IDE/IO with the IDE disabled?  Maybe that will work well with this drive.  If that is the case, you definitely have a bad onboard controller.
Have you scanned C with Housecall?  If it is a virus, the C drive would be infected in order to be able to infect the floppies.
JohnDeckerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the fedback so quickly again.

Slink9: I did try what you suggested, but no joy - see original posting. Unfortunately I dn't have a disk cleaner.

SysExpert: My first guess was a misalignment, but..

Here's the thing - I have now replaced the drive and the cable (with a new one of each rather than a working one from my own computer!) and I have got it going again.

I never did try formatting on the misaligned(?) drive, but am curious - would it have worked for that drive but no other..?

Personally I think the three of you each contributed to helping me, but I've never split points before. If you can tell me how, I'll wrap this one up. Thanks again.
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