Interdev, Unable to open project, (Windows XP, NTFS, IIS)

I installed XP and instead of using FAT32 it seemed a good idea to use NTFS as the filesystem.
Now I run into problems using Interdev 6.0 (IIS 5.1).
I had it running after a lot of trying, until I wanted to use another machine to debug remotely. I changed some settings and now I get the message (AGAIN) stating :
Unable to open Web project '...', An HTTP Error occurred the server could not complete your request, make sure Frontpage extensions etc. There is a Web (sub web) and extensions are also installed.
I'm sure it has something to do with permissions, but I can't see anything wrong.

Can anybody assist me?

Thanks in advance,

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naveenkohliConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try reinstalling FP extensions.
HeN_da_MaNAuthor Commented:
By the way when hitting the F5 btton the project does start up in IE, I just can't open the files in the environment.
They do appear in the Project Explorer.

HeN_da_MaNAuthor Commented:
You gave me the answer, so you get the points.


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