Crystal Reports 8 - newbie

I'm new to Crystal Reports, so please bear with me.

I have created a new report, and I have the following sections:

Report Header - My own header
Page Header - Ny own page header
Details - a few details
Report Footer - nothing
Page Footer - my own page footer

A Report Header/Fooetr will appear on every page, is this correct?
A Page Header/Footer will only appear on the current page, is this correct?

Using the above layout I now want to add a second blank page so I can add new info/details, but I can't figure out how to do this? (2 pages in total)

All help is appreciated.

Thanks Philip
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mlmccConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To put a footer on page 1 and not on the rest of the pages create the footer.  Right click on the footer and select format.  Select SUPPRESS and then click the button to the right to enter a formula to conditionally suppress the footer.

PageNumber > 1


The Report Header will appear at the Begining of the report and
The Report Footer will appear at the end of the report.

The Page Header and Footer should appear on every page.

A suggestion as to how you can add a page so that you can show info/details is (Assuming the Second Page is Going to contain the info):

1. Right Click on the Report Header and Select "Insert Section Below"
2. No Resize this to what you need
3. Enter the Info

I have never actually done this, but I have donew something similar.  It can be a bit tricky to get the layout right though.

If you need more help Tell me the exact layout you would like and I will try recreate it.


philipstewartAuthor Commented:

I'll try and explain further;

I want something like you would create in Word

Page 1
- Header(Logo)
-- Address Fields

- Letter Info/data (this may overflow to Page 2)
- Footer

Page 2
- Header <NONE>
- More info/data some overflow from Page 1
- Footer <NONE>

Thanks Philip
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The way I would tacke this is to

Put Your Header(Logo) into the Report Header (This will only appear once)

Then Add in your Letter info Into the Details Section. (I am assuming that your are pulling in info, record style and adding to the report.  So that you can have a varying amount of information.)

Now you should add in your footer.  Add the details to the Report footer.

The Layout of the report for 3 records, would be as follows:

------------- Report Header --------------
LOGO                            Address1

1   Joe Bloggs  Bla   Bla  Blaa
2   Jo Blogg    B     Blas Bl  
3   J Burn      Bla   Bla  Bla

Date/Time                           Page Num
------------- Report Header --------------

The Report Header will always be at the start and only at the start and the Report Footer will always be at the end and only at the end of the report.

The amount of information in the details section will determine how many pages you use.


philipstewartAuthor Commented:
Thanks, so far,
is there no such thing as a page break in crystal reports such as those found in MS Word?

Is it harder to programmatically write a report in VB?



the only way that I can see to enter a page break is to goto the section you want the break to occur on.

Right Click and Select Format Section

Then You should have a load of options two of which are New Page Before and New Page After.  

This should allow you to put in a Page Break.

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